Inside The Light World: Sun Ra Meets The OVC

Sun Ra’s Inside The Light World features remarkable 1986 recordings from Sun Ra & his Arkestra for the very first time that were, until now, previously unreleased apart from two tracks exclusively available on VHS video.

Technological innovator and rocket scientist, Bill Sebastian constructed the Outer Space Visual Communicator (OVC) during the 1970s. Instead of producing traditional sound, this keyboard-triggered instrument used the power of light, to throw mesmerising kaleidoscopic, multicoloured patterns onto a screen suspended above performers on stage.

Ra first performed with the idiosyncratic fractal light projector in the late ‘70s. The recordings on this new album were originally spontaneous and never intended for a release. Although the tape transfers yielded remarkable material, the recordings remained in an unmixed state and each track had to be reconstructed with painstaking precision.

The vinyl album, CD and digital versions are available from Strut Records.





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