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Dear Sir or Madam,
The British Library will be mounting an exhibition opening in May called ‘Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK’.  It will explore the history and variety of British comics.  We will be publishing a book to accompany the exhibition written by Paul Gravett and John Dunning, who are also the curators of the exhibition.
Within the Politics section we would very much like to reproduce the attached front cover to the International Times #26, 16-29 February 1968.
We would be very grateful if you could kindly grant us permission to reproduce this, and to also use it for press and publicity associated with the exhibition.
We anticipate that the exhibition and book will be met with great enthusiasm by the public, the creative industries and academic researchers. It is our hope that we may also rely on your invaluable collaboration and thank you for your generous consideration of this request.
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