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Interview with David Bowie

David Bowie has always been one of those artists that are on the periphery of the priest: you will always feel their presence, but rarely see or hear them. In fact, four years ago, he traveled with a tour of the country in a huge van, slightly reminiscent of a trailer to transport racehorses, along with his band, “The Buzz”, before it turned into a “Lower Third”. He has released several records, the best of which was “The Boys Of London” [sic], but almost every DJ that scrolls that record, comparing his voice with the voice of Tony Newley and waved from her as from imitation. And Bowie some time retired, became a solo singer with an acoustic guitar.
There was a lot of change and perekroek – connection with Buddhism, the creation of a mime troupe – all of which seemed to cross out any effect it might have on the “pop world” (Ugh!). Now he is again trying to win success in the charts of his first entry on the “Mercury” (the previous cases to “Decca”), entitled “Space Oddity” (see. Browse in the “Sounds Paige.”) But the record – just one side of it career. He is actively involved in the activities bekengemskoy “Arts Lab,” which he founded several months ago with journalist Mary Finnigan, which conducted the following interview.

Mary Finnigan: Tell me where you were born?
David Bowie:  Bromley.

MF: How old are you?
DB: Twenty-two.

M: How long have you been in show business?
D: Long blonde with blue eyes.

M: How do you like to prepare your cabbage?
D: Fast cars, and I regularly shit.

M: One of the first things I heard about you was: “David always itself all strewed from the sky.” And I thought: “How strange, because he had no money,” but you seem to be a very positive mood, especially when one thinks about this great ego-tripping about future generations and your songs …
D: She’s just amazing, I want it to become the first moon anthem – that it played when the flag stick, and the works …
“And here I am sitting in my tin,
High over the world,
Blue Earth [sad] I can do about it. ” [“Space Oddity”.]

M: But it is not “Glory alleluyya,” you’re not to think in those terms.
D: No, it is grim. Major Tom, the protagonist – an anti-hero, if you like – he is a failure, and the people in the brain has a huge area in which they can identify with him; so many losers, and they think that if there had been they revenge Frank Borman, for example, something definitely happened would not.

M: I wonder whether you will continue to live in the same social environment, when the song reaches the first place?
D:Yes, why not? We invite journalists to your usual home after folk club, and Bowie will continue to do the same and not to answer the same questions. People who are attracted to the charts will see how the “Arts Lab,” because my relationship with my own environment does not change.

M: Are you sure?
D: Absolutely. Partially I do for a number of charts to unwind with it the “Arts Lab,” but without this high-end approach. “Arts Lab,” should be for everyone, not just the so-called “mood” of the minority … we need energy from everywhere, from all directions – the same that of the skinheads, just the head.

M:: When did you do your first record, when he was in the recording studio for the very first time, did you have the same feeling as it is now?
D:Yes, there are and have been. With regard to the objectives and means, I always wanted to spin different things. Very, very local – even then. If the record fell in the charts, I thought it could be done in Bromley. I seemed to go in a vicious circle, but then I suddenly changed course … and here I am in Bekengeme two years later, and with the same thoughts.

M: It seems to me to run circles on the water in a very narrow area, and then give them a common, if possible – is something fundamentally rooted in your nature …
D: Yes, it has happened before – reached a peak, and then was gone when I moved to London. But I’m also sick and tired of working with groups, and I’m completely gone, gone to the bottom …

M: It’s time you decided to go to a Buddhist monastery?
D:Yes. Because I was not satisfied with what I did. Again I began to think about Buddhism and has experienced very serious changes. At school I was interested in Buddhism and writers, beatniks – I like people like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, when I was 14 – 15. I had already seriously thought about the injustice of the authorities, in addition to the natural [antiuchitelskih] instikt student. I caught the social aspect of this whole affair – the extent to which government can be wrong and unfair to many, many people. I continued to think so, for now, as I said, was not disappointed in all of these matters with the group and had to completely abandon show business. I sank into a deep Buddhism and changed his mind all – your position is where I ended up.

M: It happened before or after your first LP?
D: After. E-wee was already behind me, this is, again, was the first thing I did as a solo artist. It was this: solo, group, solo, anything at all, pantomime artist, duo and solo … what do we have on the agenda.

M: The last was a gradual return …
D:: Yes, it was the most important period of transition. Pantomime needs no words, and then I started “Fizers” with Hermione and Hutch; We had music and movement. I started singing again, and finally finally “came out of the closet” as a singer – began to do what he wanted from the very beginning …

M: Back to the beginning …
D: David Bowie’s career – is the physical expression of where I am spiritually. It may seem that I’ve circled on the spot, but I, at least, was honest with his spirit.
“Bezumnoglazy man trudges back – cry among the clouds,
Again, violating the stones on the trail “Friklaud” -gory. »[The Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud”]

M:I think we are now stumbled upon a paradox. For example, if you lose “Space Oddity” a couple of people who have not heard it before, and then scroll through the recording of their interview, they did not find any connection between them. They think, “I think this person is in the early stages of schizophrenia” .. .
D: Yeah.

M: Do you think Major Tom something of an alter ego?
D:Well, the public image of the astronaut at work – it is something like a machine soon, and not man, and my Major Tom – only humane thing. So it has turned from a sense of sadness of all these cosmic affairs – they have been dehumanized, so I wrote a song Farce on this subject, to try to connect science with human emotions. This is – an antidote to the space fever.

M: But it can also be a sign of the times – a measure of how thought creates a dazzling contrast, evidence flashy …
D: Obviously not lick the ass of Britain … Imagine version of “Our last days” with “Space Oddity” in the same way as they used the “Roll Out the Barrell” in of documentary about World War II. Well, what a darling! I think students need to learn so songs. And all the other songs in which we are talking about different things, which they then have to face. Something like lullabies and schitalochek about the seamy side of life in the big stores and banks – songs in which more will be discussed on tired legs and not on paid leave and other benefits. Not in the revolutionary sense, but simply for the sake of fairness, to show the other side. Although I – full of ideas and thought processes in the spirit of the underground, in fact I do not believe that the world can be corrected. Utopia – a state of mind rather than a physical one.

M: But such attempts have already been made ​​of social realism – many French singers, he turns very well.
D: In France – yes, but in England, very little of something like that. We have here, in fact, thoughtless nation firmed in the traditions and habits so that we live by force of habit, do not use brains. All this is just a lesson of good manners everywhere and always.

M: We have in this country a well-stuffed arm in a satire, but it’s not your line, do not you?
D: No … I can not be so cruel, to be honest. Many folk singers around – satirists, but do not think for me it is needed. Many of them are extremely sardonic attitude to everything, they are very little compassion. I feel compassion for energy. The individual is not as important as a source of energy, which it is applied.

M: Did you feel about it as a revelation?
D: Yes. There is a unity, and causing pain, I put myself this same damage as the other. It’s just the awareness of the importance of unity, and it does not matter how it all!

M: We’re a long way from “Space Oddity”, but it seems that there is some connection?
D: Yes, there is a general principle, because at the end of the song Major Tom is completely devoid of emotions and not expressing any views on the situation in which turned out to be … it just completely ceases to think …

M: And then Mayor Tom dissolved ..
D: Exactly. It breaks down … By the end of the song completely erased his brain – it becomes all the …

M: How do you think, Paul Buckmaster, when he created the arrangement for this song, felt the same as you?
D:Yes, but …

M: Have you ever talked about this?
D: We never talked about it, we just felt. Paul looked at me, and then wrote a couple of notes … Then I looked at him and said, “Yes, that’s right …”
“But after all these years of education, I’m not able to pick up a word.” [“Conversation Peace”]

M: You and Paul have established a rapport, but do you find it to Guzom Dadzhonom?
D:Yes, but in a completely different way. Goose – the technician, the main “mixer.” He listens to the music, and then said: “Yes, I like it, it’s cool.” But his attitude to music is very different from that of most people in this business. For Tony Visconti, who is producing my album, it’s part of life. He lives music day and night, it sounds in his room, he wrote her, arranges, produces, plays, think about it and really believe in its spiritual resources – in this all his life. It is not a usual Buddhist, his personal religion, something that he has collected from various experiences.

M: So we can assume that this single – skirmisher your new musical direction?
D:Yes, but he at the same time – artistic integrity in their own way. I would like to convey to people that I’m going to spread their views. Although I am, in fact, all the same, because the whole thing with the “views” – such stupidity. They are awfully hard to explain … strange … something like my personal fraternity with all around …

M:You again about his “unity” …
D: Yes, I know, I know, and so it is all the time and gets out …

M: Well, good, because, again, I realized, then, you … able to explain to me, at least. But one of the criticisms of your songs, which I’ve heard is that you do not kommunitsiruesh with people not tuned to the same vibration.
D: At-uhhh … How should I say this … I do not need something implanting people. If they sat down – well, if not – then no. I think that they will turn to thoughts that can do something for humanity, just pocherpnuv energy of my songs, if this energy is suitable vibration. No matter what they say the words, the energy will be there to attend.

M:That’s why I think a lot of your thoughts and the songs sound as if dangling in the air. Interestingly, perhaps, at some point you come back to them again?
D:: Uh-uh … no. It is – how to teach people to swim. You lead them in the familiar solid ground on which they can go to the edge, and then just throws them into the water. Springboard – it is something that they know … and then you throw them in the ocean of energy, stretching him …
M: And then complete parallel with the commercial scene, but, of course, in a much broader sense. This is your development – is part of an all-inclusive plan – what you want to do three hit songs, and then cease to act, that is, start to spread its influence in other directions?
D: Yes, just go exclusively composing music, which means the continuation of the redistribution of power. You just attracted to other people who do your songs, combining their energy with yours. I hope that people believe in the songs performed.

M: Addition of interpretation?
D: Yes, in the beginning are small circles on the water, and then I throw stones heavier, and they run away from bigger clubs. I play the game of energy … and I have the vibration and for future generations too. Following the scheme, of which I have just mentioned, I can somehow paint the waves that propagate in the future if “Space Oddity” gets to first place. Maybe I can help emerge something, then what will go down in history books maybe I’ll show you the other side of something like that, what people think … Not just the astronaut who took to the sky, and … “What sandwiches do you prefer?” or “Which shirt do you wear?”. People think not only about such things …

M: I hate comparisons, but there are other personality, the ability to project the same, and one of them – Bob Dylan.
D:Yes, I do believe that Bob Dylan and other popular people accelerated the change. Without that level of communication that they have created, what is happening now could be located somewhere else for ten years ahead of us in the future … Prague, Paris, London. All this, I believe, has not yet happened would not be Dylan and the Beatles. All these newspaper reports about the war, would have remained a newspaper report about the war, but people managed to pop so to emphasize the horror and futility of it all … Pacifism found his voice at the end, and this voice noticed.

M: If you repeat something loud enough for enough people enough times, eventually it will break …
D: It depends on the circumstances, but I’m sure it’s the right direction.

M:Going back to when “Space Oddity” will be a success, do you think, do not flood the WE folk club sycophants?
D: Do not folk people, they can hack his way, but they will not push yourself to action. I would not run to look at Roy Harper, if he were in the club and the record charts. I think maybe we really someone like that shows up, but I do not think a lot of these.

M:That’s good, but you can not ignore because daily life, when, if you have success, people are eager to meet you, and if successful there, they just spit on you …
D: Yes, I think it is an attribute of the pop scene, but this is not my world. Pop underground begins to run after us, he is too faithful to his ideas and outlook – so different from pop isteblishmentskogo. If you want a comparison, set next to our “Arts Lab,” and traditional theater, and see what happens. Here we are in Bekengeme with groups of people create its own momentum, not paying any attention to their position in society, traditions and morals … It’s a capital – a lively, zdo’rovo and new and it has a lot to me than something else.

Translation AleksBi


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