Intimate In Public




A composition for twelve saxophones by Will Menter.

Director – Will Menter
Musical director – Guillaume Orti

Saxophones :

Sam Comerford – bass
Karen van Schaik – baritone
Andy Lévêque – alto
Guillaume Orti – soprano in C
Lionel Garcin – soprano
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor
Marie Braun – baritone
Olivier Py – tenor
Alice Waring – soprano
Cyril Darmedru – alto
Chisato Cieux-Matsuyoshi – alto
Bruno Wilhelm – tenor
Jouk Minor – sopranino

Camera and editing : Will Menter
Star photos : Sam Comerford
Voices at beginning : Alice Waring and Guillaume Orti
Appearing on cliff top : Thomas Casey and Charlotte Braun Casey
Catering : Mika Chaillou and Maxime Chaillou
Accommodation : Astrid and Marc Strategier
Coordination of accommodation and catering : Compagnie D’un instant à l’autre, Christine Bertocchi, Guillaume Orti

Thanks to :

Hôtel Dieu Notre Dame des Fontenilles, Tonnerre : M Roussell, Déborah Chapotot, Aurélie Goulvin
Mairie de Villeneuve sous Charigny : Martine Pain
Mairie de Lalheue : Christian Cretin
Milwaukee Quarry and house, Viserny : Gaëtan Veber
Prieuré de Vausse : Association Vausse Animation, Benjamin Degouve
Christina and Arnaud Corbier for lending their boat
Astrid and Marc Strategier for the use of their courtyard as a location
Mairie de Quincerot and Pascal Perrichet for the use of the Quintilienne for rehearsals and meals
Monique and Gilles Robillard for lending their chairs
Chapelle de Notre Dame les Sept Dormants, Autun : Jérôme Léquime
Josquin Orti for many helping hands
Advice before, during and after filming : Marc Weymuller, Virginie Véricourt, Adam Fresnais, Esther Meunier, Jane Norbury.

The composition Intimate In Public was commissioned by Met-X, Brussels in 2013 and first performed by the European Saxophone Ensemble directed by Guillaume Orti.

The film is an independent production by Will Menter.

All rights reserved 2018

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