It’s A Quarter To Midnight And I Got a Sick Feeling




You missed the sex fingered roar

of the Republican dawn and  

 fasci – stars strutting their wares

On Friday Jay sang Clash songs

all night long

But stomach cries still stung the night –

Neo Nazis hung their beliefs on  hipsta  tees

selling  hate laced with tyranny

Tallulah your Indian parakeet

puked  purple vomit on a rainbow.

And there were tongues of blood

yoked to Ed’s Willow Tree.             

You’ve been gone twelve months.

Every sunset  a concerto of love

Every sunrise a symphony of sighs

They lost the house to weasel-eyed Sam

he grabbed their souls and all the land.  

A pig-fuck lawyer banked the dough

part of the suck -suck bleed Justice show.

Two mosques were burned to the ground Sunday

Taxi cabs strike in protest Monday

Vagina monologues –

heard with a nod and a shrug

Muslim grandmas detained

Green card holders flung off planes

Turn on the juice-noisy new money

leaving  bottle necked sluts –

forced into

hawking greying cunt .

Amina’s now a refugee –

 – a human snail

humping all she owns.

Saddled with bag rags

in the Jungle zone.                                            

As a God rocket splatters around the globe

a blood  wheel of flames welcomes you home.  



Saira Viola
Art: eNdO





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