John Wayne Was A Nazi (Hip Hop Mix)

Audio Assault, MDC, scott crow

This latest single by Audio Assault/ MDC features a powerhouse of anarchists old and new from the punk rock and hip-hop scenes. Mashing up samples from MDC’s classic including Dave Dictor’s original vocals with new music and vocals from rappers Mic Crenshaw, Sole, and Sima Lee, bassist Chris Dos (Anti-Flag), DJ Pain 1 on turntables, Jason Yawn on guitars and scott crow on chorus.


(scott crow, Dave Dictor)
John Wayne
John Wayne

[Mic Crenshaw]
He fought in every world war and conquered the west
In a US uniform and a cowboy vest
Mass murderer naked aggression
The henchmen, lynching symbolizing oppression
Professing to be a force of good
A Ku Klux Kracker without the hood
The full package honkey, I wish you would
Gasoline and Kerosene I’ll douse the wood
Protect private property kill the natives
Being a cop and a racist is not creative
Archetype of the devil personified
Kill, kill, kill, traumatize
Fantasize, romanticize and glamorize
Being a front man for expansion through genocide
Entertainment is propaganda
That blue eyed devil is not the answer

(scott crow, Dave Dictor)
John Wayne
John Wayne
He was a nazi
He was a nazi

The devils in the details
I mean the devil’s in the film reels
I mean the devil’s in the blue suit
Inherited fear in their hearts born ready to shoot
From Sand Creek to Dylan Roof
It’s a lose lose gatling guns break the news
Birth of a Nation wrote the burning cross
Grandmother to Fox News that wrote the news
Every human except them became that
Instead of an immigrant with a made up flag
We’re lost in the desert we paid for that
First in Bedlam with the weight on our backs
Gravity is the only law
Setting of the sun is the only order
If push comes to shove
It’ll be cowboys strung up from here to the border
Why you wanna dress up like GI Joe?
You can be John Brown or Geronimo
Can’t bring back the frontiers you ended
So death to Reagan whenever he’s resurrected
Films are the dreams of societies
Seems that it thinks the world will be Anglos
What do I know?
I’m just a bystander born in a fucking cop show

[Sima Lee]
Remember “Rappin’ Duke”? Duh-ha Duh Ha
Run up on you where you are start a brouhaha
Most of these racists, simple and plain
Reparations, fuck John Wayne
I’m from a place where they made us hang
Still put us on a chain gang
Blue lives are a gang gang
We guerilla minded as we maintain
Bet up on our hip keep that thang thang
It’s the return of the anarchists
Urban cowboys causing damages
Me and my crew got the whole city locked
One mad cracker took out a whole city block
We ain’t forget they stabbin’ shit
Body armor on at the range pass the clips
You ain’t get a stimmy for days? you past the rent?
Still screaming landback bitch we passionate
Matter of fact, no asking, snatching it
Nazi in the street, his jaw we cracking it
Feed all our peeps fa sho’, we Black we lit
We Brown, we proud, ask Scott we on common ground
Gather your people like you John Brown
The BLA , the Weather Underground
Coming to your town, ski mask and feathers
All my Black natives John Wayne could never
I said all my Black natives John Wayne could never
I said I’m a Black native, proud boys could never

(scott crow, Dave Dictor)
John Wayne
John Wayne
He was a nazi
He was a nazi

(scott crow – Calling Tucker Carlson a racist on his own Fox News show)
There’s more fascists that wear red ties, blue suits and white
Shirts on boardrooms, on TV shows and everything then there are
in the streets

released October 4, 2022
Audio Assault, MDC, scott crow: Music
Sole, Mic Crenshaw, Sima Lee, Dave Dictor (MDC), scott crow: Featured vocalists
Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) : Additional Bass
Jason Yawn (Beasts Of No Nation): Additional Guitar
DJ Pain 1: Cuts and Scratches
scott crow, Mark Pistel, Wynne Martin: Production
scott crow: Cover Art
Mark Pistel: Mastering
scott crow: Executive Production



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