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ARMY_BeTheMeatAn absurd and potentially offensive satire on military recruitment and the false promises that come with life (and death) in the army. This is my first self-published comic, a 20 page diatribe against war and the organisations we created to fight it. It is printed on a single sheet of paper, folded like a concertina leaflet, the outside featuring a 1.48 metre Bayeux tapestry style recreation of the Iraq war. Inside contains various diagrams, short comic strips and illustrations, all of it entirely hilarious obviously.

Join the Army

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My ‘Join the Army‘ comic is about to go into the V&A permanent collection. Mental.

There’s still some copies left!

“A brutal piece of satire from an artist whose work is subtle as a brick, but undeniably effective”
4/5 – The Skinny

“Join the Army serves as both a clever piece of graphic design and a defiantly antagonistic refutation of the glorification of combat, and is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing uses of the medium to come across my ‘Small Pressganged’ desk in 2013”
– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“When I first saw ‘Join The Army’ I was impressed by how it managed to capture the dark humour of the soldier, the irrational nature of military life and the futility of war. I thought the artist must be a veteran.”
– Ben Griffin, ex-SAS & Paratrooper. Coordinator Veterans for Peace UK.

“Brutal but true.”
– Joe Glenton, author of ‘Soldier Box’, first UK soldier imprisoned for conscientious objection in Afghanistan.

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    1. Ive just purchased and received this, it’s a magnificent work of art and extremely funny 🙂

      Comment by Claire on 16 September, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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