Keep Alive Your Life


A few days ago something very touching happened to me.

A girl came into the lingerie store, where I work.

She didn’t buy anything, she hadn’t found anything that she wanted.
As we chatted, I told her that I loved her necklace.
She thanked me, and went away.

Half an hour later, she came back.
And she had bought that necklace for me.
The same as her necklace.

And she said to me : “I am sick with cancer, I have only a few months to live.
I wanted to give you a gift, because you have been very kind to me.
Even a small gesture can make you happy when life is leaving you. It makes me happy to give you this gift.
Remember to love life forever, and expect only the best from your life. Good luck.”

And she was gone…

She taught me a lot.

I did a work for IT.  I dedicate it to her, and I called it “keep alive your life.”


Words and Art: Elena Caldera



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