kitten Cat

She was a violin with knotted strings.
Why was I trying to tune her up ?
I could see her body quivering with tension.
Was she about to reach the final snapping point ?
Just for a pathetic little cat,
rather kitten.

“Once bitten, twice shy,” she said, eyes red.
Our earlier kitten had vanished one
So, with a strict look, mom remarked,
“no way ! ”
There was a storm in my heart.

I beseeched, I pleaded.
I cajoled and coerced.
But she would have none of it. My plea went unheeded.
“No pet in the house. Never again,” was her refrain.

But the kitten played a prank.
Into mom’ s lap she jumped.
Mom was stumped.
With a reluctant hand she ruffled her fur
Purr- purr went the kitten.
The unwritten law was broken.

Now Kitty is fourteen years old,
and follows mom around, like Mary’ s little lamb.





Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Picture Nick Victor






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