la la language

we’d like to know
do you roll out
a vaccine
and all the other
unlikely terms
the media now claim
can be rolled out ?

why has the word yes
been replaced by the word

is there an edict somewhere
stating that all sentences
must start with the word so
that’s if they don’t start with
how are you?
of course

and is there another edict
which states that all MPs
regardless of persuasion
must pronounce the word a
as aye
not uh?

equally mysteriously
the word now
has been replaced with
at this moment in time
and surely
A is different from B
not different to B?

and why don’t radio presenters
know the difference between
singular and plural anymore?
here’s a tip:
it’s less and fewer

what is an intern?
why do some people resign
while others step down?
what’s the difference 
between shutdown
and lockdown ?

there must also be
another way of saying
in these difficult times
and stay safe?

does anybody know?
do tell
thank you so much


Pat Kattenhorn


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