Lacking Lemov


1.      Less is more: government initiatives should be limited to one side of A4
2.      Targets are for archers, not teachers: adorn your classroom with who you are
3.      League tables struggle to measure the sensitive inside leg
4.      You can lead a horse to a test but that won’t make it think for itself
5.      Teaching is like riding a bike: when you fall off it hurts
6.      Ofsted is awful: sound and symmetry and sense
7.      If they’re laughing they’re learning
8.      Don’t wear a tie just to look like a teacher
9.      A full house beats a flush and metaphor beats the literal, hands down
10.    Praise everything said that is serious and genuine
11.    The best objective is that which discovers itself by accident
12.    Only one of the Gospels reports seeing a four-part lesson plan
13.    The ‘wrong’ answer often reveals how learning works wonderfully
14.    If a sonnet has 14 lines, is this a poem? Discuss, but there is no answer

Mike Ferguson

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