Large numbers


Machines learn from machines

The hymn of machines

Opponent machines as well as

Test love wonder machines

Set in disaster zones under

Reproductive scanning machines

Ghost machines endorsing Chinese machines

Sex machines in speed and all you need

Machines diverse machines

The flow of patterns in streams

Optimization machines

Catalyst on Set machines

Self-styled machines

Simple machines and Luster machines

Invisible machines

Filter machines

Naked machines Pure

Machines, machines

Marching into the night of machines

Chance machines oozing toward

The passage of time machines

Old machines and new machines



Sleeping in human dreams of

Machines / Ideological machines

Dull machines or buoyant machines

Machines & non- machines: inseparable

Common language machines

No such thing machines monologue

Machines in exchange with dusted machines

On the basis machines

Steadfast machines and warped machines

Eventually crime machines having

Baby machines taking them

To the world of machines

Singing to the joy of machines

One of the hymns of machines

Oh it’s high time for the new myth-machines

Machines machines


If you think this is my voice

My real voice

You want to hear

I tell you what

Fuck this shit and the rest of the shit

I know what you know




Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration  Nick Victor


By Bogdan Puslenghea

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