Lead On


Who shall we elect now to guide and cheat us?
People like us, elect them.
Paste up the posters: We are the others we
                                   will cheat you differently,
                                   vote for us.

We who are born of the womb and let loose
not those others from the womb but us here,
                                  we’ll do it.

Make it so that the politicians vote for us.
They do that already. They don’t. They do.
                         Do they?

We the people could invent new enemies, here
at home new ones. Already we do that. But more
                     and better enemies.

Jingle, jingle, jollify me:
             In the land of the free
we are being made to pay
            for inequality, or

best be very clever and do nothing quietly, do
and say nothing, hug nothing to ourselves, we
and you and I and us know best, muttering to
our good selves, do nothing, that’ll
                  show ’em.


David Hart
Pic Mike Lesser



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