Let the News Be New

I have a story to tell.
There are voices alive
Before returning to the grave.
A nodding with slightly pausing thought
Is still a sign of agreement;
One should plant
More trees of patience
And let the future shades grow.
Voices of the speaker,
Life of the characters,
All capture the essence of brevity
In a shiny dewdrop.
A flower blooms
The sun isn’t a lie,
Just open the shaft of your curtains
And let the world in.
An article read on the web
Can still enlighten.
The avenues of the world,
The unrest of the sea,
All are part of breakfast table news,
And that is my story.
I open a new eye
And let the news be new.
My life is still a news of progress.




© Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar-13, Nepal
Photo Nick Victor





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