I cannot call this life a vale of tears
Though raindrops fall upon my feet
Clouds are not my ghosts of fears
For sun bursts through & they retreat

We met, it’s you who brought this light
My eyes for you, measured in this ring     
I’m so happy we share this delight
All we are, not just said, everlasting

Shadows reach from corners of the street
Slide back, then hide in the noonday sun
It’s hot, bright, I feel peaceful, we greet
Hold hands, then embrace, dance as one

Dusk arrives, it’s back to black; I look inside
Pages turned with you; memories between
Warm words, I’m on this magic carpet ride
I close my eyes, relax; you are in my dream

Listen to the chirping birds as sun retreats
We paint our stories of this day passing by
Thankful for this joy; my heart gently beats
No longer do I question how, when, or why


©Christopher 2024







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