Light, Land and Colour exhibition

Lawrence Freiesleben is one of the artists with work on show in the Light, Land and Colour exhibition which runs until August the 10th at the Terre Verte Gallery, Altarnun, Cornwall and also includes work by Catherine Harvey Jefferson, Teresa Pemberton, Martin Harvey and Geoff Hands.

Dreamer of Beacons




Verdant Sequence


Luxulyan Red Moor




While I have lived in the fells of the North Pennines, Westmorland and Cumberland (High Shielings) for nearly ten years now, much of my work in this exhibition is drawn from my experience and memory of Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, the borderlands between the two, and the rocky Atlantic Coast to their north (Forecast).           

I have always been more obsessed by the spirit of place rather than any literal interpretation and am fascinated by the contrast between the more comforting, human landscapes of sheltered fields and farms, and the high, primeval – in a sense more ‘abstract’, metaphysical areas.

Always the lush networks of lanes (Verdant Sequence), lead me to the edges and the high places (Dreamer of Beacons; Ascension).


Lawrence Freiesleben



C.V/Exhibitions list

Lawrence Freiesleben has exhibited widely, mostly in London, the South West and the North East since 1982, having had more than forty one person exhibitions and numerous group shows at venues including the old Margaret Fisher in Hampstead, the Mermaid Theatre, and the DeMorgan Centre in London; Plymouth City Art Gallery; Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset; Dartmoor Gallery, Princetown; The Queens Hall, Edinburgh; Salisbury Playhouse; Buckinghamshire Museum & Art Gallery; Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester; Walker Gallery, Harrogate; Bridport Open (First Prize in both 1995 and 1998); Maymie White Contemporary Art; Logos, London; Southampton City Art Gallery; The Guildhall, Cambridge; The International Art Fair, Olympia, The Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives; Spacex Gallery, Exeter; Camden and London Group Opens etcetera . . .

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