light on the south side


(watch at 720p for picture quality)

Sound from the 8 mile mark, Evelyn St, Deptford SE8, London Marathon 2019
from The Tapman (dj) and Mr Brutal (mc)………..

A round up from the last 6 months, call it a diary, a southern diary

everywhere is south of somewhere
south, southern, southward, southside, southeast, southside still holding, southern ways, still southern, southernmost, southland, southbound, due south, southeasterly, southerly, southeastward, southmost, in the south, to the south.

Positive mental health, where is it, all around us, when we dont look at banks and supermarkets the world is wonderous

There is a light that falls on South London once in a while, that is glorious and as bright as Croydon in the sun. I always wanted to see Croydon in the sun, I have now and my mind saw it for what it is and I saw my mind for what it is a place and a time


Words and Photos: Ben Graville

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One Response to light on the south side

    1. Decent, love Deptford, love SE London, love London.
      Marathon day at the 8 mile
      The Thames at Sunrise and Sun Set
      Deptford Park Diversity

      Comment by Richie Oshea on 30 July, 2019 at 10:19 am

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