Like Clouds Do The Rain (a ballad)

I saw you but you didn’t see me

At the bridge on the Ringwood road

Crushed insect squashed against railings

Between two yellow-vested police.


Caught a glimpse of your Tuesday misery

Of someone bent from a heavy load

Perhaps reflecting on some of her failings

To the point where there’s just one release.


I sensed the police talked you down

Your heart now dried of tears

And you sat, sad, hunched and broken

Your body limp, riddled with fears.


Driving through I thought I might

Stop, park up in a layby nearby,

Enter your life as a white knight

Mop up the stale tears you had cried


But I drove on past, fickle and hell-bent

Realised my narcissist’s response

Understood my need was dominant

Over your reed-like circumstance


Bending in the gale of your emotions

Close to breaking but still hanging on,

I believed you’d survive and grow stronger

Your roots in your river now deeper.


I wanted to tell you you’d helped me

That your crisis had been my crisis too

But then everyday things allowed me

To allow you to drop out of view


I’ll catch you again somewhere one day

And will be of more use to you then

As the lesson you taught me last Tuesday

Spreads its teaching, like clouds do the rain.



Julian Nangle
Pic: Claire Palmer




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