out here on the edge of nowhere
all the clocks turn backwards and there is no time between us
out here on the edge of nowhere
we can be naked and only the whippoorwills applaud
out here on the edge of nowhere we can be closer to the moon
you can reach right up and catch poems between your teeth
you can stand with one foot on either side of the horizon
all the signposts say nothing at all and my satnav expires
out here on the edge of nowhere
snowflakes are candy-coloured stars that settle in your hair
we can plant roses and wait to hear
the sounds of soft thunder as the blossoms unfurl
we will sleep beneath the trees and name each one home
you’ll paint pictures and I’ll write songs
then you’ll paint songs and I’ll write pictures
we can walk towards the sky and meet ourselves coming back
every touch is a text-message with a love emoticon
we can swim in the lake and leave our clothes to dry
draped across a swarm of passing nebulae
out here on the edge of nowhere
we can dance at midnight with the sunlight in your hair
then dance at noon beneath the moon
we can twist gravity at right angles
so that even when we’re walking we are lying side-by-side
when I piss your name in the snow
it will always be in your handwriting
we can vote each other president, repeal the laws of physics
and replace them with fireflies, popsicles and dandelion seeds
out here on the edge of nowhere does not exist
because wherever we are is the centre of everything
out here on the edge of nowhere
I will chop logs and make a fire,
using tweezers and sugar-tongs we can scour the meadows
and forest glades beside tors and long waters to find
pieces of lost memory, scraps of hurtful time, angst and pain,
feed them into the fire and watch them slowly burn to ash
until now becomes the first second, first minute, first hour
and first day of a new eternity…


Andrew Darlington
Illustration Nick Victor

By Andrew Darlington

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