Living the American Dream


lifes taken,
again and again,
suicides skyrocket,
America, in the pits of despair,
where freedom reigns,
no hope exists,
the world our oyster,
fed and loved,
our basic needs met,
and yet suicides soar,
the problem actually, the American Dream,
now only a fucking trap,
never was about tits, money,
or lots of ass,
that ignorant shit was pushed by the establishment,
and the elite,
more an explanation for their sad empty lifes,
justification more than anything else,
the American Dream once was,
being free to live independent of the government,
assured you would not probably have to watch your children starve,
if you worked honestly,
if you worked hard,
now the American Dream used only to manipulate,
thousands upon thousands, don’t believe they measure up,
money an end in itself,
except to keep the established,
and the elite,
in power,
the rest of us, living in the pits of despair,
living the new American Dream,
make that,
the new American Nightmare.




Doug Polk

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