Our hero received a short sweet note from Lizzie
which made his heart get fluttery and busy.
Over-optimistically he planned a new life:
he would ship Lizzie in after “removing” his wife.
But that would be folly — he would surely repent it!
So to Lizzie he jotted his regret, and sent it.
Fame came late in life to the artist Billy
whose every landscape was very hilly.
When critics said they ought to be flatter
Billy felt as mad as a hatter –
but it didn’t much matter and was really quite funny
because “Too Hilly Billy” was making big money.



Copyright © Mark Halliday & Martin Stannard, 2023

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One Response to Lizzie/Billy

    1. So the art market reigned over the hills
      drowned Lizzie’s hopes and watered Bills

      Comment by Geoff Matthews on 4 February, 2023 at 11:23 am

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