London Anarchist Bookfair 2016


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This year’s London Anarchist Bookfair will be on Saturday 29th October from 10am to 7pm.

Venue: Park View School
West Green Road, London, N15 3QR

To book a stall or meeting go to the bookings page.

What is anarchism?

Like all really good ideas, anarchy is pretty simple when you get down to it. Human beings are at their very best when they are living free of authority, deciding things among themselves, rather than being ordered about. That’s what the word means: without government. Read on…

Anarchism and the bookfair

Bookfairs provide a space where like-minded people can come together to re-affirm old friendships, make new ones, discuss all things anarchist and anticapitalist and start planning the future revolution. They’re also one of the public faces of anarchism. Anyone unfamiliar with the ideas or wanting to know more about the politics can come along, look through books, sit in or get involved in meetings, workshops and discussions or just chat to the groups and organisations having stalls there.

It is also a space where we counter the rubbish talked about anarchism by sections of the media and our opponents. Bookfairs are one small element of making anarchism a threat to the present political system.

We need people to help us publicise the event to every nook and cranny in London. If you are new to anarchism, check out the pages websitesand bookfairs. There are links to anarchist and campaigning groups around the country and anarchist bookfairs throughout the world.

Access issues

If you have any access requirements, please let us know so we can try and meet your needs. If you are Deaf and require BSL interpreting and/or speech-to-text provision, please give us as much notice as possible and we will do our best to organise these. To discuss any specific access needs, please contact us at access at


To make the bookfair a safe environment for children and adults alike, we ask people do not bring dogs to the event, except guide dogs. Thanks.


Please don’t take photographs: it’s not necessary and it can annoy or worry some people.

See a map of the venue and surrounding area.

Directions to venue

From Seven Sisters
Come out of tube and walk down West Green Road. Either get 41 bus down the road to Philip Lane stop (3 stops) or walk along West Green Road (15 minutes).

From Turnpike Lane
Come out of tube and get 41 or 230 bus from stop outside the florists towards West Green Road (4 stops) and get off after KK McCools pub. Or 67 bus from same stop but get off before mini roundabout (again 4 stops) and walk along West Green Road a couple of hundred yards. Or walk from tube along West Green Road (15 minutes)

From Manor House
341 bus (towards Turnpike Lane). It’s about 9 or 10 stops.

Or overground to Seven Sister and then get bus or walk.
Look for the Anarchist Bookfair banners on the blue metal fence outside the venue.


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