Lost Tone

Two legs are walking in different mindsets
and two hands know nothing about their mentality.
Where do you like to go, you don’t know either !

Today, not just like a tree in your mind,
But you have returned back to square one
like a lost tone…

The tree next to your house is smiling at you



Picture Nick Victor


Braja K Sorkar is a widely published poet. He is the editor of an international literary journal-‘Durgapur Review’ from India. ‘Syllables of Broken Silence’ is a highly acclaimed poetry collection authored by him. He edited an International Anthology of World Poetry, titled- ‘Voices Now: world Poetry Today’. He lives at Durgapur, India.




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One Response to Lost Tone

    1. A brilliant literary journal! Thank you dear Editor for publishing of my poem.

      Comment by Braja K Sorkar on 4 May, 2024 at 6:37 am

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