Man Reinvents Book


Illuminati Hunter book advertisement video. Ground breaking multi media conspiracy EBook which gives the reader an amazing new browsing experience as they enjoy this fantastic adventure story: ‘The Mother Of All Conspiracies.’ Is it true or is it just a yarn? Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide. More @ Illuminati


Republished by Ethan Harrison



Adam Weishaupt  & The Eye of Horus

illuminati hunter illuminati hunterilluminati hunter               illuminati hunterFirst edition copies of this fascinating book are available for a devilishly low price of £6.66 plus a universal packing, handling and shipping charge for the paperback. The electronic versions are all each just £0.99; Kindle, Nook, EPUB, PDF etc (purchasers of the paperback will receive a free copy of text as e-mail including hypertext links).illuminati hunter

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    1. It really is one cracking page turner and backed up with historical research and facts. The man who founded the Order of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, is documented fully in his role as a central character in this book, emanating evil, with an heroic crew trying to stop him in his quest for world domination. An astonishing background and defining explanation to the world events we see unfolding around us now. It would make a great film!

      Comment by Claire on 17 December, 2015 at 9:01 am

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