Dreams are not made by arrangement
Dreams are entirely ungoverned
Dreams are conceived and not made

When dreamers dream ‘outside the box’
Governments may box the dreamer
Dreams do not derive from any box

Grandiosity is sly
When planning to be simple   –      
‘Surely all mankind must live in boxes!’

Dreams are organic and normal
Even with the designate ‘abnormal’  
Governments are institutes of man

His days are re-designed continually
So worn-out nights of worry pass dream-free
Dream-free man is man so easily-governed

Governments merely make boxes
Boxes then developed and adapted
A right box and a wrong box both dream-free

Each holds a mechanical man
Convinced the human mind
Is simply another computer

Beautiful Dreamers   –   nonetheless
You will be on my ‘app.’
If I may be on yours




Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer





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    1. Rough sleepers. Governments, not content with stealing
      dreams, take the box, the small safe place away, whether in Ukraine, Gaza, Yemen,
      or even tents on the streets of Camden. “Nothing is more important to us
      than the welfare, safety and rights of those experiencing homelessness”.
      There will be an investigation.
      Ground offensive against the militants continues.

      Comment by Christopher on 11 November, 2023 at 8:51 am

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