Marina & the Curse of the Royal Yugoslavian Academy of Art P2

This book tells the well loved ancient folklore story of Marina, a simple traditional forest dwelling Yugoslavian mother of many children, who led a double life as a misunderstood radical performance artist.

Commissioned for a specially curated shop by artist, Marina Abramović as part of her solo exhibition at the Royal Academy from Sept 2023 – Jan 2024, the first ever solo show by a female artist in the main galleries of this historic institution since opening in 1768.  This title will tour with Marina’s show for 5 years, internationally.

With full colour illustrations and Miriam Elia’s characteristic witty storytelling style.

Miriam Elia


About the Author

Miriam Elia: Artist, Publisher and satirist Miriam Elia is renowned for her 2014 satirical art book ‘We go to the gallery’ in which she reillustrated Peter and Jane from the Ladybird books grappling with conceptual art. She has now published a number of books under the Dung Beetle Learning Series moniker including the 2020 UK hit ‘We do Lockdown’. Her books have been published in several languages internationally and over a quarter of a million copies are in circulation worldwide. Prints, etchings and artworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

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