One plait in and one plait out.

It speaks the truth of you in a way that words fail to.

Part rebel, part ‘do as I’m told’

both chaos and still pond.

The loose fronds flapping on the left as you elude me once more

the right plait ordered and lumpen, unflapped.

Oh my tenacious cub, forged in a tigers’ fiery heart,

I am forever chasing your tail!

Both brand new and centuries old,

tomorrow you will be bolder still as your hands

deft and determined dig deep to dredge up secrets of the soil:

a Biros’ hollow casing

a cupless handle

a slice of plate thwarted by historys’ weight.

Jetsam to the jaded eye,

Talismans to you.

Fay Proctor

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    1. Utterly charming! :0)

      Comment by Joe Lythgoe on 18 January, 2018 at 7:10 pm

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