This is a guest post for the London UK Uncut action on May 26th, there are more actions taking place all over the country, find your nearest one here

It’s just under two weeks until the only London street party worth going to – UK Uncut’s Great London Street Party. You’ve invited all your friends, you know what bloc you’re going to be in and you’re ready to show that we won’t line up to celebrate the Queen and the Olympics while the government is destroying the services we hold dear – we will celebrate our resistance instead.

Here are the meeting points so you know where you need to be at 11am on Saturday 26th May:

The future’s not what it used to be… for women

Meeting point – outside 1 London Bridge

“Domestic violence victims don’t go and storm the local town hall to demand more help; rape victims don’t go to the local paper to complain that there isn’t a good service for them. They are invisible.” Women are facing the heaviest burden across all of the cuts – it’s time to show this government of privileged white men that women will not be an ‘easy target’.

The future’s not what it used to be… for the NHS

Meeting point – Opposite University College Hospital, Euston Road

It was in this hospital that David Cameron unveiled the results of the ‘listening exercise’, promising that the NHS would be safe in their hands. The NHS is now being starved of cash and sold off to private firms and tax dodgers, yet as we all know “The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it”. Show this government that there are still millions of people who still have the faith to fight!

The future’s not what it used to be… for the Welfare State

Meeting point – Waterloo Station Concourse

Half a million disabled people are set to lose government support, EMA is being axed and almost every form of welfare payment is being cut – this bloc is fighting back against the demonisation of ‘benefit scroungers’.

This is the most accessible bloc for the party. In order to maintain access, disabled participants have the option of travelling via a more accessible route that is direct and reduces changing modes of transport. We have checked our travel plans with disabled activists and can provide accessible transport from Waterloo to the party. So, if you’ve got any specific needs or you’re concerned about travel on the day, please email [email protected] so we can make arrangements for everyone.

The future’s not what it used to be… for real democracy

Meeting point – Parliament Square

The Houses of Parliament, the ‘mother of all parliaments’- home to a rich and disconnected elite forcing through law after law that the majority of the public didn’t vote for. Economic policies dictated by bankers and financial markets, unjust wars opposed by millions, and big business calling the shots on every decision – this is not real democracy. Join the movement for real democracy to decide our future together.

Things to bring!

– A tfl zone 1-6 off peak day travel card so you can get to the secret party location (£8.50, best bought in cash)

– Food – it wouldn’t be a street party without plenty of food to share

– Water – you’re going to be out all day, so make sure you’re prepared with lots of water

– Friends! – bring all your mates to this party, the more the merrier

– Costumes – dress up for the day, your vision of the past, the future, or the services closest to your heart that are facing cuts – make it fun and spectacular!

– Games & fun – we’re going to be out in the street all day, so bring fun games, instruments and things to do while we’re there

– All the family – this should be a good day out for all ages from newborns to great grandparents. The Welfare and Women’s blocs are the most accessible for people with push chairs or wheel chairs. Please bring everything you need with you for a full day out, like a folding chair or pillow and the possibility of some standing, walking, dancing and stories of the past and of the future to share.

– Waterproofs, warm clothes, sunscreen and a hat – you just never know!

– Your rights – we never know what police reaction will be like, please come prepared with information from Green and Black Cross.

– Tons of enthusiasm and energy – needed for partying, thinking, making new friends and creating a better future

Don’t bring:

– Bikes – you may need to leave them behind for a little while (up to you)

– Dogs (except guide dogs) – not everyone is a fan

– Loads of booze – Quite apart from the possibility of limited toilets and overpriced bags of salted peanuts at the action, alcohol will dehydrate you very quickly (and may well turn you into a liability for others)

– Huge things or heavy things – make sure you’re able to move around fairly easily and get on public transport

See you at the party!

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