May you live in interesting times

oh yes  guesses frights and losses pile up
barricades for where we aren’t yet
and audible sighs for versions of a mythic past
but who is present actually who can answer
Bowie`s insistent where are we now?

universal abstracts are not for the moment
ours to play with only a please synaptic alert
a limbic system pulse wake up wake up
to an amygdalan party I`d vote for if it helped
being european and human

so many otherenglish folk
standing pitchfork ready round the fire
in the future where otherenglish folk
fumble for the correct accent or look
and I am so very sorry about this

premonition probability or story
the nostalgia trade and landswoon opiate
the furry fourfooted increments to the white cliffs
where we sway in our hypnagogic state
up in arms voiding insight




Sandra Tappenden

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