Memory House

We often think about time as being a social concept, anchored in a palpable present, routing between the past and the future but nevertheless a construct that makes sense once we engage, in perpetuity, with our human experiences. In fact, what is infinite and constantly subject to our imagination and our creative processes is the past; the memories stored, processed and shared, that integrate and ground our being.

Memory House is an art collaboration searching to explore the collective aspect of memory that leads to social integration and reveals human commonalities beyond ethnicity, background or political colour. Memory House is a place where different generations and cultures reveal the archetypal aspects of our humanity.

Memory House includes new work by the artist Mark Mawer, printing and art book produced by the artist Andrew Morrison and writing by the poet and sociologist Maria Stadnicka, whose research is focused on transgenerational trauma transmissions, social haunting and collective memory.

The exhibition Memory House takes place at The Lansdown Gallery, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 21-26 February 2024, 9am-5pm, and includes paintings, collages, letterpress printing, as well as the new art book Memory House published by Kerbstone Press.

Free entry and all welcome.

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