Monologue to a Mouth


                                         (for Charles Marowitz)

Cruel mouth.
Beautiful face – but what a cruel mouth.
Oh, that mouth,
that mouth is an assassin,
that mouth was made to destroy,
has destroyed… perhaps?
I fear that mouth.
I don’t like to look at that mouth.
When you run your tongue over your lips
it is like a gun being cocked,
powerful, sadistic mouth – like the
                  mouth of Jeanne Moreau.
Such a beautiful face… but what a mouth;
and a face does mirror the soul.
Soft eyes… yet what a mouth.
Let me look at your face,
without that mouth


Leonie Scott Matthews

Leonie Scott Matthews, artistic director of Pentameters Theatre hasn’t wasted lockdown time. While her theatre’s been dark, she’s assembled her poetry, old and new, into a 21poem collection, Excelsior, published to raise funds for Pentameters. It’s also darn good. Excelsior will be sent to you in return for a donation to the theatre, so please contact  

Drawing by Charles Marowitz

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