More Seen and Heard from the Web during Covid times….


Shared by Alan Dearling

We need to be cheering ourselves up with some great music. Sad that a few of them are no longer with us!


Amy Winehouse at just 21 years old with Jools Holland in 2004.

‘Teach me Tonight’: 


Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – ‘All Over Again’ (Live At The Warehouse – New Orleans).

Absolutely stunning slow guitar blues:


‘In Rainbows’, Radiohead, Live 2020 from The Basement. A Covid ‘treat’:

 ‘Love (in a Big World)’ from the remarkable voice and talent of Kim Thompsett.


Check out her album ‘The Hollows’.



‘Banned from the Roxy’ – acoustic version of Crass song for Covid lockdown-time from Steve Ignorant:



Early King Crimson performance of ‘Cat Food’ with Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Peter Giles, Michael Giles and Keith Tippet.

This BBC Top of the Pops’ episode no longer exists, but this clip survived in a foreign edition, in black and white. And then has been hand-colorised!




Perry Harris is a remarkable artist. Here’s a video of ‘Forest of the Imagination’ during its creation.

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