Mortgage: Theatre of Cruelty

Created a Monster and David Glass Ensemble present 



15th – 20th April 

9:15pm (8:30pm on the 15th) 






Lunatic, Murderess, Stage Manager. Mortgage must be healed.

Mortgage (a.k.a. the filthy, disgusting and miserable Beatrice Gunta Mortgage): Lunatic, Murderess, Stage Manager. Mortgage has burnt down the last theatre on Earth. She can’t do anything right.

Burnt to a crisp, and in the care of two demonic drag-doctors, Mortgage isn’t having the best day. As we circumnavigate her miserable, short and terrible life down the corridors of the asylum (Purgatory), where the patients are sane and the doctors are lunatics, the healing is a hell all of its own.

Mortgage is a horror-farce which draws on theatre of cruelty, slapstick, film noir, magic and violence. Not for the faint-hearted. A collaboration between Created a Monster and the David Glass Ensemble.

This project is part of David Glass’s iteration of The Divine Comedy and a collaboration between the award-winning David Glass Ensemble and Lecoq- trained Created a Monster. Their run at Piece of the continent is part of a European Spring tour of Mortgage to Greece (Sychrono Theatro, Athens), UK and Norway (Grusomhetens Teater, Oslo). The tour is supported by EU partners and the Norwegian Arts Council. Originally developed in Italy and built on Dante’s Circles of Hell and an exploration of the purgatorial state, Mortgage is a truly European piece and fiercely relevant in this time of political introspection and fear. Mortgage is about the young person’s experience in a system which pretends to be there to support them, but actually is destructive to their very essence. Thus the show speaks in a very direct way to the Brexit debate and the wealth of young people left in the remains, expected to rebuild bricks from ashes in the wake of pyromaniacs.*

*Too far? Welcome to Mortgage. Considered one of the world’s leading theatre practitioners, David Glass has worked as a performer, director and teacher in over 70 countries. His creative practice is used by the UN, The Chinese Ministry of Education and in numerous arts organisations around the world. He is one of the founders of the Physical Theatre movement, influencing artists such as Simon McBurney, Mike Alfreds, Amit Lahav, Kathryn Hunter and Tom Morris to name a few.


Theatre of Cruelty – a 1-day workshop

Wednesday 17th April, 10am – 4pm, £90/£80


This is a rare chance to catch David Glass in London teaching one of his most popular workshops.

Rooted in the work of Artaud, this intensely physical workshop will explore the extremes of human emotion and expression and will take the participants on a visceral and hilarious exploration of the techniques and themes that have informed the making of ‘Mortgage’.

Considered one of the world’s leading theatre teachers David Glass has worked as a performer, director and teacher in over 70 countries.

The workshop will be led by David Glass and assisted by Briony O’Callaghan, artistic director of Created a Monster a UK-based Lecoq trained company. She also plays the title role in ‘Mortgage’.

More info here

To book, please use the BOOK NOW button on this page.



Doctor François Testory

Doctor Simon Gleave

Mortgage Briony O’Callaghan



Director David Glass

Producer Briony O’Callaghan

Assistants Ellie Rose and Joseph Lynch



“David is one of the great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly.Amit Lahav, Gecko Theatre

“Brilliantly powerful” **** Spy in the Stalls

“Beautiful, funny and troublingMarie McCarthy, Artistic Director of Omnibus Theatre

“Weird. Poetic. Horrific. Hilarious.Paul Arditti, Olivier Award-winning Sound Designer



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Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance begins. We cannot guarantee entry to the performance once it has begun. The Actors Centre reserves the right to refuse entry.





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