‘the objective of the reader, listener, or viewer, is not to unearth and decode
some secret meaning situated outside of and just below the surface of the text,
but to engage with the material of the text itself, to disentangle and trace out
its various threads, and to evaluate the resulting combinations, contradictions,
and resonances.’
   – David J. Gunkel, Of Remixology

Semiotics, etymology, fashion and religion: it’s impossible not to thrill and marvel at the scope of the connective threads. Why don’t you control your metabolic signalling? Why don’t you mind your own business and leave your phone alone? Maps, data and infographics are supposed to help us make sense of the world.

Explore the territory, sink your teeth into the bridge of proof. Everything you need to know: flourish or face extinction. Brainwave and plant music diagrams can help you understand even the most hardened computer geek. By delving into the oceans of everyday medical and debt trauma we have the horsepower to bring it all together. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Take a journey into the curious, unexpected, and downright surreal origins of the data generated so far. The moment goes from bits and electronics to logic gates and circuits, then up into taboo structures of programming languages used to build elaborate mathematical models that inhabit the zone where language and perception overlap. We are taking a little break and will be back very soon.

Beyond the history of art, we touch on physics, chemistry, biology, history, astronomy, folklore, classics, mythology, psychology, literature, linguistics, philosophy, semiotics, etymology, fashion and religion. I’ve digested the legal word salad of privacy policies but like my substance with style. There are no straight answers; a third of everything gets reused.

We are serious about such thing as competition and game theory that doesn’t feed private experience into surveillance machines, and gleefully embrace our cognitive preference for round numbers, found numbers and mystery. They were made using a technique called crypto-electron tomography but please note that some of your personal data may not remain your personal data and you do not have a right to object.

Thinking smaller can help: presentations and discussions will be used to prepare a summary white paper and symposium briefing document to be disseminated more widely. We apologize for unlimited access to processing and future issues. The surveillance apocalypse is a true story waiting to happen: technological developments bring further technological developments offering ever-changing possibilities.

No matter how clever or how skilled clever you are, always be curious. Why do you think you need guilty pleasures? What keeps you awake at night? What do you already know? What do you really want to know? Are you ready for when potential immortality raises new ethical and societal issues that have not yet been fully articulated and we are unprepared to deal with?

Workshops bring together participants from diverse domains and many fields of practice to provide an opportunity to articulate the commonalities in the issues that arise across disciplines and stakeholders. We aim to stimulate debate about how we might work collaboratively to anticipate, manage and prevent the future, to describe complex items in simple words and guarantee safe secure items in a messy storage space a processing engine might safely open.

The ladder of science is all about contestability and replicability, passion and ideas; metadata is the nutritional information on the package. Forget about mind-bending jargon or unrealistic myths, a lot of deep thought is about curation and system harmonisation. The user becomes a data custodian, blends into the background, remains quiet and is taken for granted while secretly making analytics dreams come true. Understanding what your bits do when you’re not looking improves the quality of information collected.

The software dance appears to be true and cannot be challenged. We are moving towards a streamlined world with distributed consensus, a transparent scientific protocol where life is taken for granted until something blows up. Security is survival, but it looks like this project, a longitudinal study of creation and archaeology from many geographical areas, is entering potential failure mode. You must preserve this information and share it, it is a hidden trove of unpublished information concerning candidate, follower and leader.



    © Rupert M Loydell

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