My City


Before you go further, smiles drop from 
the bachelor’s pad and unclog the streets 
yes, it’s that easy and always
open for big hearts and minds of the commoners
they are nearly off the colour wheel,
Kolkata attains live without boundaries.

Sunlight falls straight down the boulevard
the midday breeze enters into a conversation
with the pedestrians
everything is happening so slowly,
the skyline is still forming and changing
but it looks pale blue.

Daylight breaking high above the Monument
expired words are buried in Maidan
shades of green keep shifting


Gopal Lahiri


Short Bio:

Gopal Lahiri is a bilingual poet, critic, editor, writer and translator with 22 books published, including four jointly edited books. His poetry is also published across various anthologies as well as in eminent journals of India and abroad. His poems are translated in 12 languages.


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