The dawn is joyful,
Mystic beauty is hidden in the hands of Mother Nature.
The morning sun gives us energy for a new world.
The lullaby of chirping birds soothes our ears.
River water quenches the pain of our thirst.
Juicy fruits give us energy to fight.
Every raindrop gives birth to new life.
Charismatic rainbow catches our living eyes,
And paint our lips.
The afternoon shines with an azure sky,
Which strengthens us to fight in life’s battle.
The forest organize fair of colors,
The smell of wild flowers cleanses our body.
Nature is a blessing from heaven above.
The smell of the sea and the music of the waves invigorate our soul. Dewdrops glisten on a winter morning.
The night sky kissed the starry sky. We are just tiny specks in this universe,
Bounty nature is a healthy man host pub.




Deepika Singh


Short Bio-
Deepika Singh from Margherita Assam India, qualification- Master of Arts, B.Ed, teacher by profession. Her writings reflect her personal observations of day to day life. She started her writing journey from the year 2011.She believes that the right words can change our society. Some of her poems got featured in The Poet Magazine Womensweb, Changed Forever Anthology, Atunis galaxy poetry, Poetryzine Magazine, Archer magazine, Too Well Away Literary Journal,Silk Road International Poetry Festival, The Mediterranean Waves Anthology etc. Also some of her poems got translated in Spanish, Chinese and Serbian language.

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