‘Necronomy 1: The Neoliberal Approach to Death’

”The global Living Planet Index… shows an average 68% decrease in population sizes of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish between 1970 and 2016. A 94% decline in the LPI for the tropical sub-regions of the Americas is the largest fall observed in any part of the world (World Wildlife Fund and Zoological Society of London, 2020).” From ‘New Economy, New Systems: Radical Responses to Our Sustainability Crises;’ – The Schumacher Institute. This obviously doesn’t account for biosphere and micro-organism destruction.

According to a collective of authors, (and verification from live news coverage of increasing conflicts in nearly every nation around the globe), the economic model particularly since 2008 has developed beyond the NEOLIBERAL model – offloading of economic responsibility and functionality, whilst retaining the most profit – to the term adopted from a study of the post-communist transition to capitalism, from the Georgia Academy of Sciences in 2001. But the term first appeared much earlier:

“’NECROECONOMICS’ – the theory and practice of letting populations die in the interests of preserving the free market, first appeared in the Iberian slave trade… [in] Gil Eanes de Zurara’s ‘Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea’ (1453).” Anna More; University of Pennsylvania Press.

Hungarian director Bela Tarr covered this topic, acutely, in his 1994 seven-hour masterpiece, ‘Satantango.’ Not many would attempt or stick with it as he immerses us in the minutes and hours that make up the living tedium of the remote post-communist community farm that’s laid in neglect for a year. The dairy cows still turn up for work, but are left to wander. The only person the occupants trust walks to Budapest, to collect wages owed them for the previous year. It follows what appear to be developing events, but is a dissection of the scheming and avarice that had been suppressed since they lost personal independence and had to cadge from each other for subsistence.

A doctor provides his services in exchange for home cooked food, cleaning, cherry brandy, the attentions of two girls and cigarettes, logging every movement he spots from his desk. The girls and two more mature females sell their charms. One person pierces their boredom with an accordion playing a limited repetitive repertoire to dance to. He plays it more for the score than the company, at the only makeshift bar where the owner rations liquid favours and IOUs. IOUs that will only be paid when they can abandon him for good. Others plot what they’ll do if they can appropriate the whole stash. Another has no outstanding talents worthy of exchange and only a reliable mud-encrusted coat that has grown stiff with weathering. All he can do is catch as catch can and offer manual labour, if he can get it to crease when he bends. A small girl has no friends other than her cat – and no other entity she can exercise any power over. Without the money, they are all powerless and hopeless. Words ran out long ago, with most other amenities. But since the money is on the way, no one has to be friendly any more. What they lack is what keeps them static and could seal their interminable fate.

 (Photo courtesy: bookforum.com)

An economy that utilises Necroeconomic practices can rightly be called a ‘Necronomy’ and its activities ‘necronomic,’ no? Within this article are constant references to ‘economic’ as a verb or adjective – yet decide for yourself whether they should be called ‘necronomic;’ because fundamentally, Necoreconomics is counter pure-economic calculation. It dispenses with the calculation of all possible ‘externalities,’ (peripheral impacts of an economic decision), or includes only those that support profit-driven expectations. This is something we will address.

The invasion of Georgia left it with nothing to trade. Russia are trying the same with Ukraine; Saudi Arabia and UAE with Yemen and Israel with Palestine, goading Lebanon and Iran, so the wolves can circle and salivate over the spoils buried in the shifting sands. It is urgently imperative now, that we conduct a biopsy, before the disease has completed its fatal outcome. A comprehensive report would make this article a series of books. Most people seeing the symptoms believe the infection is terminal and critical. But a growing contingent of everyday people haven’t yet mentally checked out.

Today, it is the nihilistic approach to the destabilisation of all economies that threaten loss of dominant national and international control of markets; the reinstatement of ‘Protectionism’ and inter-global alliance dependencies; the cold war; nuclear and high tech arms race; tech-wars; proxy-wars; land (and sea) grabs for depleting material resources; and endorsement of far right-wing systematic undermining of public obligations, facilities and humane law. The amount of public taxes, corporate and private investment that goes into armaments, destruction of habitat and eco-system, political bribery, space exploration of uninhabitable hostile planets – (and possibly cryogenics, cloning and sperm-banks) – extends way beyond what the entire global population need to live on and preserve this most perfectly habitable planet in our solar system.

If you regard this as hyperbole, all you need to do is watch a live webinar of the UN DESA (Department of Economic & Social Affairs), or ECOSOC (Economic & Social Council) divisions, to see who is involved in bringing “relief” to those suffering the crises, either created or perpetuated by forum participants. ‘Aid’ being the euphemism for misappropriated or diverted bribery, to appease perpetrators. And they are not alone.
Most major high-street banks finance armaments in contracts with countries using them to murder thousands of children. Devastation of infrastructure required for survival, torture and rape accompany many conflicts. With numerous countries sending arms into third-party proxy conflicts. The peripheral effects and suffering extend way beyond inhumane torture, criminalised under the Geneva Convention.

Cluster munitions are indiscriminate weapons that pose a serious threat to civilian populations during and long after an attack. They spread dozens, or even hundreds, of bomblets called sub-munitions… On impact cluster munitions kill or maim anyone that is in that area. Also, many sub-munitions fail to explode on impact: they remain on the ground like landmines that kill and injure civilians long after the conflict has ended. 120 countries have signed a Convention that bans the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster bombs. Yet, in 2018, the Cluster Munition Coalition found that financial institutions had invested almost $9 billion in companies producing cluster munitions. Citigroup and Old Mutual were both found to invest in companies involved.  Lloyds Bank was one of the two largest overall providers of loans to the arms companies, totalling €4.1 billion. Lloyds provided finance to General Dynamics (which has exported to Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is involved in the production of nuclear weapons) totalling €2.4 billion. For example, Barclays…” [sponsors of WIMBLEDON, the most prestigious sports event, upholding multi-culturalism, anti-racism and non-discrimination] “…lost marks under Arms & Military supply for funding companies… who have sold weapons to the Saudi regime, according to the ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb’ report and the ‘Dirty Profits’ report.‘Banks and financial institutions profiting from weapons;’ Ethical Consumer: Clare Carlile, 7th April 2023. The use of those armaments don’t always stay in the same hands to achieve the stated political aims. And those objectives also alter. UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, US sales to Afghanistan and UK/US support of Iran are embarrassing cases in point.

Yet most conspiracy theorists, under the banner of colonialist national ‘patriotism’ deny this, for their binary, un-nuanced, dismissive, brushstroke prejudices; egged on by Trump and Johnson, using disinformation, to oppose any significant public (not Lefty) concern and embolden (subjugate) their poison-spreading troops.

“More than 11,000 boys and girls have been killed in the war in Yemen.” UN News 11 Dec 2022. And regarding Israel bombardment of Palestine: “This war is a war on children… on their childhood and their future, said UNRWA Commissioner-General… at least 12,300 youngsters have died in the enclave in the last FOUR MONTHS, compared with 12,193 globally between 2019 and 2022.” UN News – 13 Mar’ 2024. The last number escalating to 14,000 by the completion of this article. The mainstream news reportage of the bombing of the first Gaza hospital clearly confirms it to be a cluster bomb attack.
But none of this seems to shock us anymore. It’s the incessant public-grooming mentality of the (western democratic) abusers, imposing this economic Stockholm Syndrome ninety-nine percent of the population feel powerless to address, because our true power (in legal terms) is obfuscated. This two-piece article will seek to expose 1, the insecurity of these perpetrators; and 2, the real power of the general global public.


The Worm Turned
When globalization brought monetary economy as close to flat-lining as it could get in 2008, thrown into chaos by the collapse of one company, capitalists couldn’t have this. From the tenure of Gordon Brown it led to the economic philosophy of ‘Too Big to Fail’ companies, later emboldened by Brexit. What was exposed a decade later, by the Covid-19 epidemic, was that the richest corporations, somehow, were apparently too inexperienced to know how to protect their own money through the crisis. If shareholders made fewer millions in dividends they may take them elsewhere, so they threatened governments with similar outcomes to 2008. The solution was to get the poor tax-payer – many of whom could never afford to buy shares in these companies – to subsidise their reduced billions of increased profits for the shareholders, which the governments duly obliged without consultation, to the approximated tune of $12.6T, (approximately 10% of global economic equity). This despite necroeconomic policies deliberately prolonging the pandemic, to maximise profit by restricting the vaccines market. (See the book: ‘Pharmanomics:’ Nick Dearden; Verso 2023). It’s basically a street punk saying they’ll protect your car for a fiver, while they strip it for parts.

‘Too Big To Fail’ tax-payer “bail-outs:” JP Morgan Chase & Co : Goldman Sachs : Citibank : Wells Fargo : Bank of America :  Amazon : General Electric : Boeing : Exxon Mobil : AIG : Qantas : Lufthansa : RBS : Northern Rock : Bradford & Bingley.

And ‘Ghost Companies:’ “As international experience shows, dead firms do exist and ‘successfully’ function in the most developed of economies… with Japan being the most obvious example. These insolvent and, in fact, bankrupt firms which continue to operate despite their ‘mortality’ are commonly referred to as ‘zombie-firms.’ Unlike developed economies, which are exposed to the threat of the zombie-ing of the economy under the conditions of a financial crisis, this threat is even greater for the countries of post-Communist capitalism owing also to their exposure to necroeconomy.”Post-communist Capitalism and Financial Crisis, or The Mixing of the Necroeconomics and the Zombie-nomics;’ P.Gugushvill (2010). This MUST also include ‘phantom’ companies, set up to accept government contracts – usually to divert taxes into pay-offs and/or profits for the ministers and leaders involved, or their families and friends – without any infrastructure or intent to deliver the services contracted. Some are vacant office addresses. We can add protracted governmental contracts that end up abandoned or unfulfilled, the parliamentary process to pass papers for this and exorbitant litigation, by parliament, or claims against them from corporate contractors. 

Economic growth / productivity myth

Many economists will contend that capitalism has expanded social mobility and affordability, based on how many variants of yoghurt are now available on the supermarket shelves and that even the poorest and remotest communities have mobile phones and Man United tee-shirts, (probably supplied by NGOs and charities). It seems proliferation of products trumps the global economic disengagement of the vast majority of the population.

Here’s some facts to ponder: over the last part of 20th century until today – Neoliberal economic policies (using monopoly corporations, mercantilism, the rent-economy, gig-economy and profit-maximising) REDUCED the  GLOBAL FORMAL WORKFORCE to 12.5% of the population. No national population has 50% owning more than 5% of wealth. Let that sink in. It necessitates what we will consider in the next article.

People In general (and many economists, it has to be said) have very little idea how the current economy works. That is a deliberate obfuscation on the part of the banking and finance world; and what we can see, if we investigate the information documented, is so complex and protracted it switches most people off. Only the obsessive will bother. The economy is a poker-game with the highest stakes and you never give away your hand. Most confuse “Economic Growth” with the broader availability of wealth, productivity, material commodities and services. GDP (which is an inaccurate measurement of any economy) is equated with the operation of all national business, employment and market performance, whilst most of them are contracted abroad. But this is subterfuge. The fiscal economic model sustains domestic economic crises, by asserting we are dependent on the perpetrators funnelling our choices. Public services are deliberately starved of support; disaster zones left to decay; local councils left to go bankrupt; social housing areas neglected, franchised off, or sold for privatised redevelopment; waste disposal contracted to foreign companies who disregard national standards, once the ‘product’ is offshore.

And mainstream media collude with the proliferation of personality-politics, celebrity idolizing and ‘reality TV’ shows. In the BBC series ‘Streets of Gold: Mumbai’ a young girl is taken on a mystery tour by her publicist, back to the slum where she grew up. Walking those well-trodden ruts, she is gawked at by almost everyone passing. She asks why she has been brought back there and he tells her to just trust him. They turn a corner to find her poster, advertising a beauty product, plastered everywhere in large florescent-lit displays; and everyone else on bicycles, or in ragged attire, stop in their tracks to applaud her with wide open eyes of hope. The grooming process begins; it tells them – ‘she was one of us’ – every one of them can aspire to this transcendent stature of fame and fortune. Capitalism: the opium of the people, in the most rapidly developing land playing catch-up with post-war Japan, post-communist Russia and the explosion of Chinese communist-capitalism. India’s fastest expanding economy set to rival others, if it can somehow manipulate its allies to preserve the nuclear stand-off against its neighbour Pakistan. This is how Necroeconomics plays out in every nation – pacify the poor, court the rich.

Socialists, conservationists and indigenous populations alike get mown down (not always figuratively), under the bulldozer of ‘progress,’ to reinforce what has been turned into ideological fantasy: peace, individualism and prosperity, the aspirational dream supposedly achieved through the oppressive nightmare of the apocalyptic Anthropocene. Yet this ‘fantasy,’ the hope of the entire human population, has been appropriated for profit.

The wake-up call, since 2008, is that economic growth DETATCHED itself from dependency on material productivity and constricted it to the gargantuan monopolies that offer this range of choice. The high street all but collapsed as even large traders restricted their operations to online sales and remaining retailers became dependent upon the same monopoly manufacturers and distributors cutting out wholesale companies. So, when you search online for a product, what you encounter is a proliferation of choice, but usually the choice is for the same product by different licensed brands, supplied by the same mega-companies / producers / platforms. And usually from the three nations with the largest economies, US, China (approx. 2/3rds of US) & Japan (approx. 1/5th of US). Germany, UK and India are next, but so infinitesimal by comparison, along with all other national economies combined. Many Arab economies circumspect in their reporting of informal loans and cash deals, which constitute a large proportion of their economic culture.

The rent-economy, intellectual property rights and financial speculation (financialization) by 1995 made up 95% of the global economy. (‘Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and the Global Order’ – Noam Chomsky). “Only 3% of financialization concerns production.” (‘From A to X’ – John Berger 2009). 15% of that 3% from United States companies. This is old news, but add this to the formal employment rate, and it reinforces both the problem and the solutions needed. Is there still hope? On this roller-coaster, how do we gets things in perspective?

If we illustrate the entire monetary economy, in terms of the height of a building, this is how it would look: Global economy 2022 = $405T. ($105T equity + $300T debt). 1m = $1T.

State of the Enemy

Of course, the combined elite want to grow from that 1.5m height in relation to the 405m towering economy, but how? By using governments and the most profitable international trades – arms and drugs. Scrutiny of public records establishes that when it comes to supporting armed conflicts, there is no such thing as ‘Nationality.’ All sides will deal with each other to forward their economic aims. Whatever the ideological or political outlook behind what most people regard as sectarian conflicts, economic outcomes generate the slaughter house and divisions are merely the herders’ cattle-prods.

What westerners call ‘The Arab Spring’ – (The Intifada / uprising) – revolt against authoritarianism for more democratic and equitable economic control, led to far-reaching conflicts involving the major revolutions and civil wars across the region. All were influenced strongly by the western alliance and as far as China and North Korea to the east, as factions sought to support or suppress anything that interfered with far-right totalitarian, or sovereign control of the populations. Western ‘democratic’ countries outwardly condemned, spouting support for human rights whilst ‘reforming’ the human right act with a ‘Sovereign Rights Bill’ and an outright attack on Capital Hill.

“Regimes that lacked major oil wealth and hereditary succession arrangements were more likely to undergo regime change.” (‘Tracking the “Arab Spring”: Why the Modest Harvest?’ Journal of Democracy. Retrieved 27 October 2019). No coincidence, then, that both Yemen and Palestine, as the tiny poor relatives in the Arab region, ended up the pawns in an international strategic economic land-grab, to showcase to Russia and China what can happen to the control of the middle-east by western armaments and allies, without hardly lifting a finger. The US armed the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, against the Huthis with unsubstantiated claims they were being backed by Iran; at times allowing even their sworn terrorist targets, Al Qaeda, to achieve some of the allies’ objectives. “On 13 July 2020, the UK Ministry of Defence logged more than 500 Saudi air raids in possible breach of international law in Yemen… a few days after the UK government decided to resume the arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which could be used in the Yemen war, just over a year after the court of appeal ruled them unlawful.”‘Alleged breaches of international law by Saudi forces in Yemen exceed 500’. The Guardian. 13 July 2020.

Many western armament consignments somehow “disappear” on delivery. Western arms-support for the UAE funnelled down to the Sudan and Darfur, apparently without consent. It’s a Neoliberalist approach to war, but an entirely economic enterprise. (See – ‘The Shadow World: inside the global arms trade.’ Andrew Feinstein; economist and former ANC cabinet member with Nelson Mandela).

The middle-eastern carnage of the Arab populations set against each other is the way the West (US) – through political shape-shifting, bribery, money laundering and active destabilising – profits from and suppresses the influence of the major Arab wealth filtering through land and business ownership in the UK and the Americas. (For the UK, see ‘The Plunder of the Commons,’ Prof Guy Standing, 2019). No wonder this intensifies the deep genuine disturbance of the Jewish diaspora and support for Netanyahu’s Zionist agenda, even Putin declaring his support, (most likely because the oligarch cannot afford another military front against Iran and Iraq; while the US vocally tugs on the Pit Bull’s reins. It’s a tightrope, keeping the Arab States as allies and suppliers of diminishing oil and mineral resources, pitching OPEC against Russian oil manipulation. All compete and deal for strategic land and sea-grabs for fossil fuel and mineral exploration. To meet the voracious expansion of the US building trade, unsurprisingly in Arab countries like Dubai, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Oman, the UK royal family offer sea dredging licences within former colonial territorial waters, they somehow still own. (See ‘The Blue Commons: rescuing the economy of the sea,’ Prof Guy Standing, 2022).

The well-established parallel in Necroeconomic influence, is the rise of drug cartel control of populations, as alternative political attack dogs. Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti and countless other countries are predicted to become the latest terror-grounds, already oppressed by the neoliberals, ready to sniff the blood-rag of economic promise aided by AI generated disinformation. Nothing and nowhere is off the table, including kidnappings, rape, homelessness, forced migration and all the humble everyday lives and imposed misery. No political or sectarian ideology required, simply market-control.

In most of the world’s 192 nations, STATE HAS BECOME THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Yes, even humble wide-eyed friendly trusting aspirational workers in the Indian gig-economy slave-trade, anticipating their media-climb as a nation and as individual entrepreneurs, are unwittingly systematically groomed to intensify the imposition of material destruction along with the rest of the global 99%, as mere cannon fodder. Not even kept alive for what some would argue is the pressing drive to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding population. That can easily be solved. AI is also replacing many highly educated middle-class professions and is the biggest threat to public voting, political engagement and reliable news coverage. It goes way beyond manipulating people’s armchair choices, but creates a perfect storm for the entire employment sector. Data tech industry the most profitable sector of recent years. It will be the prime tool in setting people against each other unless we make earnest effort to unite.

Truce, Ceasefire, End to hostility? Who can bring this about?
Rulers everywhere have divested from the general public. The longer the rope gets, the tighter the economy chokes civility. Some believe even a French-style revolution is justified. There is not only significant appetite for change; there is growing revolt. Socialists believe this will be the Schumpeter prognosis – an inevitable backlash and overthrow by the oppressed – but this avenue has already been kneecapped. The life-blood has been cut off from its legs. The Zapatistas are the longest successful public-led autonomous community occupying the undeveloped Chiapas region of Mexico. “You can tell the difference between Zapatista homes and government supporters; they’re the ones without the satellite dishes.” Their struggle against state-endorsed murder labelled them as terrorists for years, yet they made a move to reject all further violence, with decisions largely influenced by their woman’s movement. This is why every expression of socialism, especially in the global south, has been nullified by the necroeconomy and they are sick of paying with their lives. The elite need none of us and that is the least popular message to socialist devotees. It’s time to wake up to it and stop shooting the messenger. Alfonso Cuarón’s 2018 film ‘Roma’ is a graphic illustration of the tensions running in many South American countries.

Recent compliant media hype has maligned ‘the left’ and ‘populism’ as rebellious but ultimately unsuccessful and threatening movements. Is it any surprise? Populism arose not from far right political ideology and exponents of fascism they are labelled with now, (de-riguer in the imposition of Necroeconomics, what a turn-around), but from public anti-austerity outrage from all political and apolitical sectors of the general public. Portugal’s Geração à Rasca; Iceland Pots n Pans revolution; Spain’s Indignados; Greece’s Syriza movement; and Italy’s Movimento 5 stelle (started on social media by listeners to the podcasts of comedian Beppe Grillo), all constituted a public backlash, whilst Gordon Brown of the New (red-Tories) Labour, proposed stripping the elderly war veterans of their pensions. Blair colluded with Bush on an illegal war against Iraq, murdering their own UN inspector. Jeremy Corbyn was re-branded anti-Semitic and “friend of Hamas” by ‘Islamophobes,’ prompting Sir Kier Starmer to oust most of the left in his party, apart from those who couldn’t stomach the betrayal and salvaged their dignity and integrity as independents. But the Left were pushed.

Whilst the Jewish population are far more embedded and intrinsic in western culture, geo-politics, business, law and arts, in contrast to Islamic influence; all Palestinians are insultingly labelled as pro-Hamas, all Lebanese as pro-Hezbollah, just because they are strangled by the extremists control of the purse-strings, (dismissing the resistance movements in each country). To be fair, major cities have seen attacks on Mosques and Synagogues. This independent impartial author has been labelled a ‘lefty’ by protagonists of the right and a ‘pro-capitalist’ by proper lefties and ‘anti-capitalist’ by capitalists. New realities are created to support intransigent biases every day, to the point some believe a real reality doesn’t exist. You just close your eyes, cover your ears and speak no evil (oops!). Yes even the loveliest people perpetuate evil acts. Scientific and environmental evidence is insufficient to penetrate the noise-cancelling headphones. But it takes enormous effort and emotional fortitude to factor in variants that disagree with any perspective. That is the harder road to peace, when the most expedient is to pick a side and stick to it. The heartening development is that the vast majority of everyday people are sick of hearing it.

One thing people can sympathise with the moderate reasonable Left (even some with far-left views) – that the Right infringes at every turn – is that their primary preoccupation is with economic fairness and public welfare. No wonder they are ‘the enemy.’ This is partly why Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua are predicted to become future war zones. They’ve all resisted or compromised with neoliberal influence and are fractured societies. The US doesn’t have a historical glowing record of land-army foreign victories, something leaders probably find chaffing, but they are not shy to redeem that reputation and are past-masters at getting everyone else to fight for them. They are good at killing their own. A whole continent closed off by a wall they erected is not yet theirs. From Jacobin.com – 28 Oct 2023: “Defence firms RTX (Raytheon) & General Dynamics, America’s 2nd & 3rd largest government contractors, have seen stocks increase more than 10 percent since Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel. The trend is part of a broader surge in stock performance among defence companies.” ‘The Guardian’ – 13 Feb 2024 reports: “Global defence spending increased by 9% to a record $2.2tn during 2023”

True reality is inconvenient for people who conform to biased ideologies and try to control and quantify culture and ‘public interests.’ Outdated colonialism is alive and thriving amongst the generation that had to live up to their parent and grandparent World War veterans and care more about them than their own children. If any human history remains after this, they will be the ones vilified as never learning, never listening and decimating the whole of life existing on planet Earth. Unless they make a better choice. They are actually outnumbered.

Against the tide

Many former devotees and moderates have already distanced themselves from fundamental belief systems, in practice, living successfully side by side with non-believers and other faiths without compromise; some forming civic revolts and revolutions, championing women’s rights and challenging patriarchal religious authoritarianism. This true reality, in every nation, outnumbers the fractional membership of extremism and the insatiable corporate and political ambition of the 1%. Most of these inconsequential people treat entire strangers with care and respect on encounter. Necronomics has backfired and broadened a common recognition of each other as Earth Citizens.

Countless non-partisan public campaign groups are actively exposing corruption and efforts to progress the Necroeconomy; they need to collaborate and drop egocentric protection and profiting from  mainstream intellectual property rights and copyright. Mainstream journals are now starting to print articles asking the questions about whether money has had its day, or if it should be re-invented. Stick around for ahead-of-the-curve prognosis on that and don’t waste another single second of your precious time on reforming money. It will be manipulated by those that control it. Something way superior is under our noses. 

 “There is a rapid and vast movement for public outcry… no matter what the defeats, keep pressuring, keep speaking out, keep forming collective action and even direct civic defiance. Never give up the smallest initiative, or speaking openly to friends, family, neighbours, about what we are facing and all the astounding ideas people have. What need do we have of stupid politicians? Think big and think new. We need public-led democracy and a NEW ANARCHIC ECONOMY.” (Andrew Feinstein: author ‘The Shadow world: Inside the global arms trade.’ Economist & former ANC cabinet member with Nelson Mandela. Hastings, 27 March 2024).

But many contend this will generate increased hostility from the elite. Even when you propose an economy in the interests of the elite, people automatically presume capitalists will object, or fair-minded people will… “They’ve got more than they could ever want and money works for them, why would they change?” With Stockholm Syndrome, the abused have even fallen for their abusers and it usually takes outside intervention and respite to come around. That is what the entire globe, its species and population needs right now. Respite. Trump showed why Necronomics took off; he recognized the global revolt could turn into New Year’s Eve in no-man’s land 1914 and so protested that America was not in a great place… so, peace or paranoia? Business – as usual.

“The ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb Risky Returns’ report found that 306 financial institutions had provided financing of $747 billion to the top 24 nuclear weapons producers, like BAE and Boeing, between January 2020 and July 2022… a $61.5 billion increase from the previous year… during [which time] the ‘Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons’ (TPNW) came into force on 22 January 2021. The treaty explicitly prohibits the manufacture, production, and development of nuclear weapons, as well as assistance with those prohibited acts.”

Is there any way to stop the political ideological gamesmanship from escalating and the world forced to go over the top? What would make the elite want to change? More profit?
We have to change what we have now with what we have now. So, what is the real ‘power of the people?’ Can they offer the elite a more profitable outcome? Is profit an issue? This will be the subject of ‘NECROECONOMICS: Instalment 2 – The “Neoliberal” approach to life.’


‘NECRONOMICS 2: The “Neoliberal” approach to life.’


Copyright – Kendal Eaton 13 April 2024. (Author of ‘A Chance For Everyone: The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy, 2020)






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