Nervism: of mouth, eyes, ears and skin: the texture and temperature of the world in our touch, on our breath.

Nervism is to say in public what one dare not say in private, to make a public life free of fakery, secrets and lies.

Nervism is the art of Roughness and Risk. Roughness and Risk create accidents and mistakes which open the cracks of the World’s terrible edifice – to create anew. Accidents and mistakes are True Successes.

Nervism: create and think through the nerves. There are 7 billion nerve endings in the human body. Without nerves, the brain is mush.

All art is lifelong play and dancing.

Nervism lends itself to collaboration with others: a “nerve fest” can create a mountain of electricity, an ocean of imaginings.

Artificial Intelligence has no nerves. Fingers up to AI!

Nervism on craft: make patterns to break patterns.

Nervism on tradition: create your own rituals, rewrite the rules, make your own rules.

Nervism is a theatre of contradictions, an art of opposites, a poetry of Faraday’s dream-dancing snakes…

Surrealism gave us “psychic automatism” and spontaneity. Nervism goes Beyond in the immediate impulse in fingers, on the breath, in the moment, in the movement…
I can see the lush green grass over the wall and the blue, blue sky of freedom beyond.
Hold your nerve – let it free! This is Nervism.



Rupert Mallin

Rupert Mallin is a member of the NR3 Art Depot Collective.
He blogs here.






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