New Plan


My new plan is working. ‘Look!’, I say
I listen, talk with the Gods; ‘Alexa! Share!’
 Bated breath, alarm; what steps to follow?
 I turn on, tune in, drop out, obey
Red, yellow, green, here, there, everywhere
Can, can’t, my giddy aunt, I feel hollow

Meltdown outside inside; look for a conspiracy
The flood washes away all I was taught
The fire burns my hands, strips the land to ash 
The air is choking, thick, so I run to the sea
While the sun shines; safe with things I’ve bought
To stay alive, to keep calm, carry on.  Am I rash? 

On the horizon, a marching thin blue line
Keeps me safe; but patterns are changing
Close by, a high fence with curling razor wire
I look beyond all this, fill my body with wine
Temptation, Eden, you & me, that’s entertaining 
Cheer, laugh, play, ‘till the end of time and desire


©Christopher  2021
Photo Nick Victor

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