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First poster I’ve made this year. Death figures based on conservative estimates of the total death toll which is surely much higher. The circumstances under how many migrant workers are recruited and forced to work on the World Cup stadiums is nothing short of nightmarish, it’s an international modern-day slave trade. The tournament is a disgrace for so many reasons and personally I think it should be boycotted.





Found this weird looking USB stick in the street.




I had quite a few requests to make the embroidered Hell jacket I wore during COP26 available to buy. The main reason I hadn’t is because they’re expensive to produce and therefore impractical to stock in different sizes. However I figured I could offer it as a pre-order-only item so people can order the size they want in advance.

The jackets are £150 and can be pre-ordered until the 27th Februaryfrom my website. After that date they’ll no longer be available.





In 2019 this poster I designed about IBM’s role in the Holocaust went up next to IBM’s New York headquarters. 

The information in the poster is based on Edwin Black’s brilliant but horrifying book IBM and the Holocaust. IBM never faced any sanction for helping to facilitate, (and profit from) the Holocaust and even provided translation equipment for the Nuremberg trials.

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