Trident missile test failure raises

questions about UK’s nuclear deterrent

‘Each Vanguard-class submarine can hold up to
16 intercontinental ballistic missiles and will carry
up to eight Trident rockets and up to 40 nuclear warheads,
each capable of carrying a 100 kiloton bomb, over six times
more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.
– The Guardian, 21 Feb 2024

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go failure boosters
firing at itself
nuclear remains nuclear
missile prevented passing
fired no problem
significant deterrent
missiles motors between
assurance and ineffectiveness
splashed operation
systems work implications
shadow submarines
unlikely plopping implications
anonymous spending
ballistic embarrassing
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confidence test dummy
test launch speculation
quoted efficiency gone
systems shakedown
nuclear parliament insisted
only failure only failure
ignite the information
destroy the politicians
no have missiles
no have missiles
no nuclear any more



Johnny Fall-Out Brainstorm






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