To be continued
Impure thoughts
Cold ambient
Hum intensely when you hear the tone
Red light residents are seldom seen
Displaced by moonlight
Seriously weird
Cross over nova
Perhaps tomorrow
A plastic decoy heron stood by the door
Warning signs
Two’s company three’s enuff
Gold dust and lipgloss
Woah there!
Not now, darling.

The robotic arm belongs to the hotel
Neon light flickering across the street
Welcome to the Nimbus Emporium
Cocktails and bingo.
We talked to the doorman
A notoriously tough negotiator
Public enemy number one
He says
Come in and look around.
You need a steady hand for this
I thought, this is a crazy offer
Surprise deranged laughter
Empty corridor
Ellipsoidal forms clustered
A square becomes a lozenge turning
On an axis, white and black hallucinations
Yellow and violet, blue and orange, a mosaic
Several grids enclosed an axonometric cube
A black eyed kid floated up to the ceiling
Cool cat scavengers skulked behind the sofa
No plasma sports here
Just old valves and broken mirrors
And a slide-out storage tower;
Trestle tables, sagging armchairs
A torn poster for Zippo’s Wild West Circus
But not exactly thrills and spills
Yeah, right.


AC Evans

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