Nothing but Ignorance

I don’t know what’s wrong with people.
I don’t know what the hell they want.
They expect me to behave normal,
Even if nothing’s normal.
They advise to subvert my wild dreams;
And I don’t know why the hell I should.
They overlook my pain,
And act like gone through the same.
But check reality.
You’ll find something else. (Something else!)
I don’t know why they even care for me.
After all it’s fake.
No body ever counted the nights-
I’ve spent sleepless or hardly slept.
No body ever knew how many days-
I passed with zero confidence.
But everybody comes everyday,
Gives their appearance,
Speaks in a casual way,
As if the most beautiful day is today.
But how many of them ever asked me-
To live the life of my own way?
None! None have ever taken the step.
Very often they speak of adjustment.
And I wonder how to go with it.
Should I never speak the words that-
Nobody ever wants to hear?
Should I never go to the places that-
Nobody ever wants me to go?
Or is it something else?
Confusion is what I left with;
And I end up with nothingness.
They speak of love but fail to take part.
They speak of honesty but-
Never knew what it means.
Everything they do, they’re asked to do.
Any of them never pushed the boundary;
Never seen the unseen.
My sympathies are with them.
I don’t know what’s wrong with them-
And vice versa.




By, Tiyasha Khanra, Kolkata, India
Illustration Nick  Victor




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