…because she later admitted she was going nowhere.
– Andre Breton, Nadja

Snap-on! All the latest up and running
Hello again! Anything unusual?
Thousands of cars, collections of retractable access
Control you – usual home-made temple
International signs Beauty or Nothing.
Howya doin’?
Experience two-step action al fresco tackle standing reports
Themes, drinks and dining. Anything? Relax.
Nowhere? It’s OK just low flying comments
Vile accusations, a life of crime, poor conditions
Keep on walking, no more so-called dragons
Choose your landscape, horse drawn ladies night or day care
Balloon delivery no stopping milkshakes whatever
Dash! Dash! Dash!
Emergency! Emergency!
Time delay shock, touch your… what?
New traffic, Eureka! Rewards protect my midnight
Nobody here at Nowhere Junction off Forgotten Street
All burning signs, Rogue City (landscapes of Hell
Run for the exit), a silky smooth experience
She knows your name. Oh yes, she does.
Lingerie boutique frizz-free classic cover-up
Highlights the ultimate so-neat-in-the-heat
Easy glitter lots of fun too much junk lost in space
Grab your top one flight, Love it! Live it!
Cool rattle raffle razzle dazzle… Beauty or Nothing, baby.
Anything unusual?
Hello again!
Snap-on baby! I love all kinds of bloomers,
Personalised T-shirts and lingerie.
Oh yes, life’s a living hell:
Kids on scooters, women with buggies, men… in shorts.
Stinking barbeques… deep fill carbon steel reduce strangers
They have no shame screaming hysteria frenzy,
I’m on oddball sofa loafer game for a fling.
Go-ahead ritzy foldaway local,
Get lost in a chrome shopping mall, gawping
Open-mouthed onlookers,
Gilded trees, rechargeable cordless deluxe ha ha
Gagging for some action, got a man-in-a-van;
Hand-held sparkling windows Sunflower Bazaar
Brew up, have a fag, you what? Howya doin’?
Hello again! (And again, and again)
Now this strange subway burning, burning,
Nowhere here, not like this junction is the centre.
Life is a –
Life is a –
Life is a –
Strange subway not quite underground so snap on those
Burning sunflowers. Howya doin’? So, like
She becomes Beauty or Nothing, not in a glass, not in a mirror or
She looks unsuitable for fake priority or even nothing at all,
‘till late all ginger ‘n’ spice, that’s the way.
If you’re not laughing, the joke’s on you!




AC  Evans



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