jesus it’s cold away from the ovens/the rules of the documentary bleed/worshipping/opening tin cans/the shopping malls signify/ rules for the unemployed/we promptly signed our names to the documentation/sealing our society into alleyways/
we promptly signed our names/to the documentation/sent sprawling into/queues for the medication/& we polished the sanitised news/jesus the ovens are hot/heat turned up by governments/we’re about to explode/trapped in the shopping malls/
& it’s sealed with a kiss/the cops fuck us over/& over/no animal rights/no human rights/bedtime stories for children/

it was a trick of the light/first off the marrying kind/signed certificates/adorned walls/as passions lurk/the keys to industrial heartlands/exchanging metaphors/blue monday’s mournful tune/echoes of the moneyed class/dancing on thin ice/the keys to brokers exchanging metaphors/for arts council grants/telephone numbers scribbled in darkened booths/torn pamphlets/the poets trail off.

an irony of secretly unemployed/unpacking the memories/home offers no security/social niceties at the gym/liberals scream/murder from their electric cars/jaywalkers torn from the mouth/sail across the straits of dover/lording it over cormorants/boris’s entrails of power-plays/AI melts into future space/while soldiers split over suicide cracks/ 

awaiting the outcome of local abattoirs/where corn melts/into liquidity/braving whoops from harried chancellors/skipping by electron particles/ sued royal warriors/mouthing baboon roll-calls/river basins riven by rust/naked newscasters shower their guests with vinegar/substantial darkness where subway walls call out/undressing secret parliamentary sessions/brief respites then a short howl/epileptic dancers skate/thin ice cracking/




Clive Gresswell
Art Rupert Loydell



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