Objectivity, Subjectivity and the Nature of Matter



It has become all the rage of late, to state that solidity is an illusion, a chimera of the mind. Whereas the ethereal is actual, an energetic mass invisible to the human eye, but discernible via intuitive sensibility and higher spiritual discipline.

It is said, following this theme, that the act of seeing is the act of creating. That we ‘bring into existence’ what we observe – and that it was not there before we observed it.

This makes for a lively discussion, but only if you can first create the being you are conversing with. If not, well, I guess he doesn’t exist, poor chap.

Maybe we are tired of our third density state of existence. Maybe we need to dissolve it back into the whizzing atoms and molecules of which it is composed – and ourselves along with it. Maybe the ‘solid thing’ is no longer attractive to us; taken for granted for so long – has it lost its mystery?

The miracle of life as seen in the delicate magic of the butterfly or in the sheer power of the mighty oak – what is this? – Nothing special, mate. Not a miracle at all. Just nature doing its thing.

Now I won’t argue that what ‘we see’, at our current levels of evolution, is just a fraction of all (potentially) visible light. Nor that, when we observe an object, the retina of the eye receives an electro magnetic pulse which our neocortex then decodes, into a visible form or object. And that this object is therefore probably not quite what we think it is. That’s all fine, all well and good. But someone answer me this: Why do I have to believe that this object –  or indeed this world –  is therefore just an illusion?

I mean, if one takes this road, isn’t it rather too easy to then feel that, well .. since this world’s an illusion, there’s really no point in trying to do anything about it? Other than to congratulate one’s self on being enlightened enough to discover this fact? And isn’t that what some people, particularly those who have become preoccupied with raising their spiritual energies (egos) land-up believing and pronouncing upon?

Might this explain why so little action is taken to bring about positive change on this stricken planet, even when the need for it is 100% obvious?

Some pretty aware and (supposedly) ‘spiritual’ people make a point of withholding themselves from taking-up any of the myriad challenges that, with their help, would prevent this planet driving itself to extinction. They claim that remedial physical actions count for little or nothing, leaving management of the material world for others to cope with.

To such individuals maybe it really doesn’t matter .. because ‘matter’, after all, doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion .. isn’t it?

Now I’ve got a suggestion here: rather than start a war between the energetic forces of subjectivity and the energetic forces of objectivity, couldn’t we simply unite them? Couldn’t we see them both as being essential to each other and therefore entirely complementary? Just what is the point in arguing that one is superior to the other, when it should be obvious that what we are dealing with is actually a state of oneness that has been divided against itself. Divided against itself by those who prefer to see just ‘one side’ of a reality whose ‘two sides’ form the wholeness that is central to the universal design of which we are all a part.

It is this form of tunnel vision mentality that stands behind the brutal extremism rocking the world on its axis at this very moment.

So may I suggest that we avoid falling into this trap, recognise instead, that ‘material existence’, including our physical bodies, are a great source of wonderment. As is the fact that they are also a whirling mass of charged atoms. The fact that our nerves carry the signals given off by these atoms to our decoding organs, which in turn present them as ‘matter’ –  is not a valid reason for describing this matter as ‘an illusion’. It is not an illusion. Nor are the atoms an illusion.

Playing around with these observations and claiming that one or other is ‘the true reality’ is a foolish and even a dangerous game. It will not awaken a new consciousness that recognises the existential value of all creatures and all organic and inorganic matter. Nor will it enhance our understanding of the natural duality of ‘objectivity and subjectivity’ as a profound and fundamental symmetry without which our cosmos could not exist and without which love would die.

Holistic awareness is based on the open acceptance of duality –  not as a divisive detour to our spiritual development –  but as the great omnipotent paradox underpinning both the tangible and the intangible mystery of life itself. The deep, shall we not say fathomless, brilliance of the Divine plan.

So get off your high-horses all those who stand back and subject this mystery to analytical, intellectual observation; and consider the results of this analysis superior to the waves of ecstasy that rise up in us, when fully embracing the mystery and exalting its infinite and intimate glory.


Julian Rose
Picture: Claire Palmer

Julian is a farmer/activist and the author of ‘In Defence of Life’ a passionate call to take control of our destinies and stand in defiance of the life crippling policies of the powers that be. You can purchase his book at www.julianrose.info

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