On the Loss of A Darling Friend, Confidant , and Poet In Arms


For  Jon Anderson 11th October 1956-21st August 2019



“ We are living in a stasti like panopticon ..” Jon Anderson

“This is the tried and true ploy of state capitalism: buy off the people with consumer gew gaws, purchase their cooperation with carrots instead of beat them into submission.  Consumer submission is a much more effective means of control than violent repression.” Jon Anderson

“The irony of youth is that everything seems so significant and permanent, so things get blown out of proportion, but their fixity and gravity are an illusion..” Jon Anderson

“Syntax is like music.” Jon Anderson

“Sometimes the best things come easy like Athena from Zeus’s head.” Jon Anderson

“Let your mind wander to other possibilities , other climes . Dream a little”

Jon Anderson

“Heroism only counts if there is a struggle to achieve it.”

  Jon Anderson 

“Today Machievalli would have had to write The Clown rather than The Prince.”

Jon Anderson 





Saira Viola




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One Response to On the Loss of A Darling Friend, Confidant , and Poet In Arms

    1. A sad loss. Not just for the people he touched personally but the general worth of our planet.

      Comment by Russell Day on 21 September, 2019 at 11:45 am

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