Celebrating Delilah Jay day: August 23rd 2018


Involved in the struggle of fame at a time when fame can mean nothing
If awarded to the undeserving, here then is a woman
Attempting to define her true star.

With bravery and finesse Delilah Jay offers stories
Of a life given over to the softness of glamour,
The survival of which can be hard. Berlin born,

In the east, her first appeal saw her travel,
Sealing with a smile her torn country,
That she was able to readdress through her looks.

A model of decorum perhaps in an exploited realm,
She braved borders, moving from tabloid to broadsheet,
Before pressing further, through the page itself to write books.

Every body tells a story, she says, but not everybody can read them,
As she demonstrates some years later, a woman at a certain age,
Glamourised. She is old style Europe at once as well as brand new sensation,

Married to the mob, she was exiled from the riches with which she once played.
She journeys now through the world with her devoted life partner, Laurence McGibben,
Spreading the word and rewriting the problem paths she has walked,

With dignity, verve and the love they share their fight glistens,
Sequins on her dress become signals as the stories she represents
Become talk. So many lives are not real, secreted away, submerged

Somehow, but hers is ascending through this simple dedication to truth.
In Piccadilly Circus today she mounts a naked exhibition, of herself as the subject,
Her bravery making a self portrait in light, from the rude.

The stars that were, I am sure, are now part of a universe we’ve relinquished,
What little we have now grows dimmer with the pursuit of nothing else
But their fame. But Delilah Jay, through her days becomes one of the novels

She’s writing; a character breathing close to the reader,
As she shows others how to restore the gold page. Her determination
Drives on and this is the poetry to her. She will not compromise,

Not be bettered as she remakes herself with each day.
She will not be rewritten, or sold, but will instead teach all buyers
That commodities in consigning will always finally have their say.

With a son sealed from her, she sends out the connection.
She is both star and example placing above herself a fresh star.
Living now for the now, while making every moment a challenge

Delilah and Laurence speak volumes about the will and the heart.
So let the world come to her. She is travelling now to greet it.
At every turn there is something to celebrate and unfurl;

Glamour as was, in an unglamorous world, becomes talent.
Delilah’s way is not easy, but if there is an example she’s setting,
It is that as each soul finds fresh purpose it will in turn, fashion worlds.


Reading MISTRESS THE ITALIAN WAY in an underground car park in Hamburg




VITA Delilah Jay


Delilah Jay was successful in business as sales director in international companies.

Jetting around the globe for MTV EUROPE, launching VH1 Germany, ‘rocked’ her life as did her time at NetJets Europe, a Warren Buffet enterprise,  where she started their business as the very first sales consultant for Italy selling private jets to the rich & powerful.

Visiting a prospective client in Bologna back in 1997, Delilah met the future father of her son, who was far more interested in blond & beautiful Delilah when he saw her than buying a private jet. Delilah became his MISTRESS THE ITALIAN WAY. In 2000 her one & only son Massimiliano was born.

Delilah’s stories are fictions – but how much is Delilah revealing about her own personal life in her novels? “Stories find me !” says Delilah, THE It Girl Of Literature. Spirit, tension, drama, love and a mysterious touch of the erotic tell stories about extraordinary protagonists – often fighting for justice.

Holding a degree in business & economics didn’t stop Delilah becoming a pop-singer, artist, songwriter for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 UK. The video BABY BOY ( It’s A Boy ) was produced and submitted by Delilah Jay (lyrics, singer, artist) together with  journalist Nimrod Kamer (artist, singer) and film makers Laura Hemming-Lowe and William Pine (composer).

In December 2015 Delilah won South London Episode Couples COME DINE WITH ME. Delilah Jay was a model and actress  in her late teenage years and became a PAGE 3 GIRL when she was 17.  Again, in 2015, Delilah shows us her ‘hidden secrets’ in BILD Zeitung Germany as the oldest PAGE 3 GIRL in Germany’s history.

Born in Berlin, where she grew up, Delilah soon left Germany for adventure and the desire to live and explore a bigger world.
“I am a real European,” Delilah says and she is right:  London, Berlin, Rome is what she calls home. Fluently charming  in German, English and Italian, Delilah creates her own Galaxy.

As a politician standing for Love, Peace & Happiness, Delilah was running as independent candidate for MAYOR OF LONDON Election 20016 with the ambition for an international goal in the European Parlament.
Delilah is fighting for the rights for homeless people, animal welfare and making every company pay tax, LGBT rights, single parents, fighting against corruption and supporting nudity on public transport, Champagne for everyone!

Delilah Jay is a real ‘renegade’, a female Robin Hood for today’s world.





A dangerous affair: Revenge for justice. Power and control. Set among the power games of the Mafia and the rich and beautiful of Italy, on the island of Ponza, in Ferrara and in London. Corruption involving Italy’s high and mighty: the Clan, multinational corporations. Fashion, car manufacturing, Formula One, the alcohol industry. Those who control vast global assets. Everywhere. The love between Aelita and Amos, a love that had no proper beginning and no proper end. He is murdered in Neaples harbour. On his way to the ferry that was supposed to take him to Procida. She tells his story, her story, the story of their love. Fights him for their son, in England and in Italy. A modern-day fairytale that takes place in Berlin, London, Neaples, Rome, Emilia Romagna, Monte Carlo. Emotional. Erotic. Love and revenge. Intelligent. Written in short, sharp prose. Creative, racy, witty. Starting with a murder that is solved and avenged at the end. A new definition of Italy: Delilah J paints a fascinating and colourful picture of corruption amongst the select ultra-powerful oligarchs of Italy that would make even Silvio Berlusconi look charming. An ending that holds a vague hope for a new Italy. Maybe.




A Modern-Day Fairy Tale. The fight between Aelita and Amos over their son Feliciano continues … Amos desires to see the mother of his one and only son in jail. He is using his mafia connections to prove his power with a fatal result: He plans the kidnapping of his own child. The coup brings the boy all over Europe and he might slip through the fingers of the kidnappers – due to his cleverness. The story is told by each of the protagonists Aelita,Amos and Feliciano. Each of them tells us their view – sometimes angry, sad, often anxious. Aelita who fights for her son’s life against the Mafia Clan, Amos who tries to destroy Aelita with every possible legal and illegal method, Feliciano – the son of the two – becomes the psychological victim of his father Amos who later on uses the unscrupulous gangsters of organised crime. The subject of kidnapping grabbed Delilah Jay The number of missing children who are never found again – children who were killed. Often organised by the Mafia for satisfying profit and greed but sometimes even within the child’s own family – every day, everywhere – amongst all of us.



David Erdos August 23rd 2018

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    1. This is all the most incredible, fascinating and unique tale, and only someone with true flair and a grounded perspective can tell it eloquently and live it up to the hilt as does Delilah Jay,

      Comment by Justin Glass on 31 August, 2018 at 7:09 am

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