Orchid Flower

Some look like Monkey
Some look like Turtle.
I am in a nursery
With different names
Of Orchid flower.
Flowers adapt,
Some say “They don’t have a memory like people do.”
Well, I believe flowers have a memory.
When you treat them like a bouquet
They lead you
To a beautiful healing doorstep.
And when you treat them
To break a heart,
The heart still breaks
Like a shattered mirror.
Just accept the flower
They make you less lonely,
Among stone-hearted world.
The orchid flower when it gets pollinated,
The love making of an insect
To the flower
Makes the world,
A little bit of less lonely,
Once again.
I see how beautiful
The creator of the world is,
Since it created a friendly companion
Hugging anyone
Who is an extractor of aesthetics.



Copyright Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar-13, Nepal

Loosely based on the movie Adaptation 2002
Photo: A night Orchid




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