Other Men’s Blood

their war
It wasnt your war
it wasnt your lies
but they cut you down in your prime
They’re not the only ones with blood on their hands
thats for sure
but we are all left questioning
what the hell was it all for?

It wasnt our fight
it wasnt done right
it was theirs across the sea
Ours was different, a different threat
the one who lives like you and me
But you know, its always the same
the same as its always been
they’re always prepared to fight to the last drop of other peoples blood!

No it wasnt your war
just like it wasnt mine
cut down in your prime
the wrong place at the wrong time

You see those thugs claim that they
speak for me and you
Well we know it aint true
they’re just lookin for a fight
trying to burn out the light
protected by guys like you

Well times have changed
make no mistake
our uneasy peace has died
Rivers of blood, sunk into the mud
But me must forget
the evil creeds, the oppressive means
and the lies of those above
They do not care, it isnt their blood
or they’re neighborhood, its a war at arms length

It wasnt your war

Not your lies

Cut down in your prime

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